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Welcome to the Well-U support hub, the one-stop-shop for your wellbeing needs at YSJ. The hub exists to offer you access to activities, advice and university services. YSJSU brings you a platform to help you maintain balance in your life while studying and beyond.

Support Hub

Support Hub

Well-U Physical

As a part of the Well-U programme we offer students a number of activities from fitness classes, online workouts to turn up and play sports where you can try something new. Not only does exercise present numerous physical health benefits, it also helps improve mood, energy levels, self-esteem and quality of sleep. 

Working in collaboration with YSJ Active and the School of Sport we aim to provide a programme with something that suits you to help you keep a good balance and a fun break from your studies.

Please see the weekly timetable of activities. In addition to the weekly activities there will also be week to week different challenges and tournaments for you to take part in. We have also provided links to the university fitness service and a number of online resources that means you can easily take part at home.

Keeping U-Well

Whilst you come to university to get a degree, you will also develop yourself and become more independent, however it is quite easy to forget the simple things such as packing your lunch, taking a break and giving time to socialize. Within this section, you will find all things wellbeing, giving you hints, tips and tricks to stay happy and healthy without detriment to your studies.

Diet and Nutrition: Hot tips

“How to eat well and keep it Halal when you’re a broke university student”:

Vegan restaurants in York:

Alcohol Consumption

How much are you actually drinking:

How to stay safe when drinking at uni:

Useful websites:

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Despite focusing on your studies, it is so important to give yourself time to relax and look after you.

Useful contacts:

If you are in York and experiencing a mental health crisis or feel you are at risk of harming yourself you can call the York Crisis Team 0800 051 6171 Open 24 hours a day, every day.

The Haven offer a supportive evening service for people experiencing emotional distress. 

30 Clarence Street, York 
[email protected]
[email protected]


It can be hard to balance your money whilst being a student, and understandably finances may become a concern for you. Fortunately our funding team offer advice, help and support around this, one of those being Blackbullion

Blackbullion is an online platform to help you get to grips with managing your money, linked with the student funding team, and can be found here:

Academic Appeals

We can offer support and guidance if you are not satisfied with your results or a recent academic decision which affects your studies. Our team can help you to understand the appeals process and guide you through the process if it’s something that you wish to pursue.

Before you submit an appeal, be sure to contact us at [email protected], or calling us on 01904 876306. We might be able to resolve any misunderstanding and we can ensure that your appeal is appropriate.

You can find information on the appeals process at

Exceptional Circumstances

During your time at York St John, it’s possible that your studies may be affected by illness or unexpected events. We understand that these circumstances are out of your control and we can help to guide you through the University’s regulations.

You can find all information on exceptional circumstances at

If you have any queries please contact us at [email protected] or 01904 876306

Academic Misconduct

The big no no! Academic Misconduct can be separated into a number of categories which are all to be avoided..

This is also known as copying. This is often unintentional and comes down to a lack of understanding, but simply put, take this example:

The Students’ Union states that “All students are fundamental to our activities and purpose” (YSJSU, 2020)


The Students’ Union states that all students are fundamental to their core activities and purpose

The second would be classified as plagiarism. It simply means that you have used other peoples work and turned it into your own. Systems such as Turnitin exist to catch this sort of mishap.


Believe it or not, yes you can plagiarise yourself. Once an essay is submitted it is scholarly work. To use your own phrasing in an additional piece of work without correct referencing is known as ‘self-plagiarism’. (If you don’t like to big yourself up, you definitely should to avoid this).

Poor scholarship:

This is possibly the most common issue. This can simply come down to bad paraphrasing or bad referencing/no referencing. The difference between this and plagiarism is often defined by the quantity of it contained in the work. Poor scholarship is often infrequent in essays but that’s what sometimes makes it difficult to spot for you, the student.

How to avoid this…

Easy, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK your work. If you are unsure simply by looking scan it through Turnitin or other services which are available (such as Grammarly). It’s always better to be sure, even if you’ve pulled an all-nighter (please don’t) and on the umpteenth cup of coffee – checking is key.

If you are ever suspected of academic misconduct, please contact us for assistance at [email protected] or 01904 876306.


The Funding Advice Team are available to support you with financial issues that you could face during your time at University help you find funding and support you if your financial circumstances change. This includes access to hardship and opportunity funds, food vouchers and much more. Please don’t hesitate to contact them. To get in contact with them, you can call 01904 876 939 or email [email protected].

You can also find more at


Accommodation can be an exciting part of University life, but you might encounter situations where you need advice or support. Each year we run a housing fair to help you find new accommodation in York and we can support you with what to look for in a property. We also provide advice regarding housing contracts, to help highlight things you might want to consider before you sign.

The Accommodation Team at the University can help support you, whether you’re already living in University-managed residencies or you’re coming to University for the first time. To get in contact with them, you can call 01904 876660 or email [email protected].

Report & Support

At York St John University, we believe that sexual misconduct, sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence and hate crime are never acceptable.

We work with the University to ensure that all staff, students and visitors to our campus can report something either anonymously or with contact details so you will get a response. Reports can be about an individual or a group of people.

For more information, report an incident or find support, visit