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NUS Extra | Resolution Discounts!

Click here to find out how your NUS Extra Card can save you money on your New Years Resolutions!

NUS Extra | Be generous for less!

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NUS Extra | Savings don’t stop at Graduation!

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NUS Extra | Scary Savings this Halloween!

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NUS Extra | Our Top Picks!

Here are our Top 5 NUS Extra Picks to keep you going strong through your first semester!

P-E Blog | NUS Lead & Change

Check out the latest blog from your President of Education all about the NUS!


Check out this blog to find out your presidents ultimate party starters & a little more about unlimited music on Spotify with NUS Extra!

NUS Extra Summer | Wanderlust Wonders!

Check out this article to find out our favourite cinematic wonderlust wonders!

NUS Extra Summer | Summertime Vibes!

Top up those summertime vibes with our top 25 summertime tunes!