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YSJSU Awards | Awards Categories

YSJSU Awards | Awards Categories

Published: 5th April 2019, 2:00pm

YSJSU Awards 2019

The YSJSU Awards are back and bigger than ever! We are celebrating all things YSJ from volunteering to teaching to just being amazing!

Join us on Thursday 16th May in the SU Coffee Lounge for food, drinks and full evening of fun. 

You can check out the awards categories below: Nominations go live on Monday 8th April so get thinking of who you think desrves recognition this year.


Teaching & Support


Employability Development Award

This award is for either a team (or individual) who have (has) made a significant impact on your future career prospects, ensuring that York St John’s graduates are equipped with key transferable skills and confidence to be successful in their chosen careers. 

In your nomination, describe how your career prospects (as well as those of others) have been developed as a result of their input – for example in developing your skills or levels of confidence or providing access to a range of experiences/opportunities, and so on. 



Project of the Year

This award is for a York St John led project or campaign which has been highly successful and has positively impacted upon students and/or staff.  This could be a project or campaign that is academically-based or led by other departments of the University. 

In your nomination, describe the impact the project or campaign has had on you and/or your peers – considering how it has benefitted you as students, or led to changes in how you think or act. 


Feedback Award

This award is for an individual – be it a peer or member of staff– whose academic feedback has made a significant contribution to your learning here at York St John.  Feedback is an important part of learning.  It can be received from many different sources – from our peers, academic tutors, lecturers or staff in professional support services - and is not limited to written summative assessment feedback.  

In your nomination, describe what made the feedback effective for you as well as the various ways in which it had an impact on you – whether academically, personally or professionally.  


Inclusive Learning & Teaching Award

This award is for an individual (or team) who has (have) had an impact on student success by working systematically and proactively to design their practices in such a way as to remove any potential barriers or discriminatory practices here at York St John.  The University and Student Union are committed to ensuring that all students have full and equitable access to every aspect of their course as well as the many and varied extra-curricular opportunities available whilst studying here.  

In your nomination, describe how by designing inclusively and making proactive adjustments to their approach, the individual or team has helped you and/or others to fully access all aspects of higher education at York St John.


Most Supportive Staff Member of the Year

This award is for an individual member of staff who has contributed to your success, or that of others, whether academically or personally, by consistently being helpful, supportive, approachable and/or patient.  Ultimately someone who, through their support, has made a significant contribution to students here at York St John. 

In your nomination, describe how they have positively affected your experience or success (or that of others) through their support. 


Service Team of the Year

This title will be awarded to a professional service team who has made a positive impact on you and your peers, by consistently offering a great standard of service. This could be any service area including (amongst others) Porters, Accommodation, Wellbeing, Study Development, ILS, Careers, Funding, Finance, YSJ Active, Catering or Estates.

In your nomination, describe the difference they have made for you, and/or your peers, here at York St John. 


Course of the Year

This award is for a staff team who work tirelessly to ensure your course is a success, going above and beyond for you as students.  There are many factors that contribute to a course’s success –quality of teaching, quality of feedback provided, course structure and organisation, partnership approaches, alignment of assessment and learning outcomes, use of innovative or new approaches, the provision of opportunities within the curriculum, or how it has been shaped and improved as a result of your feedback. 

In your nomination, describe the factors that have contributed to the success of your course, and how this has benefited you and your peers. 


Pedagogic Research Award

This award is for an academic member of staff whose research, scholarship and/or professional practice has inspired you and/or enhanced your engagement in your subject or chosen professional area.

In your nomination, describe how the research, scholarship and/or professional practice you have been introduced to has benefited your learning York St John and/or potential application of this learning in the future.


Inspirational Teaching Award

This award is for an academic member of staff who has inspired you to reach the height of your academic potential, through their teaching and the support they offer.  Inspirational teachers come in many forms. They will endeavour to engage you as students in meaningful academic activity, challenging and motivating you to go above and beyond.

In your nomination, describe how you have been inspired to learn and be successful as a result of their input.


Student & Representation 

Postgraduate Community Award

This award is for a student who has worked to improve the postgraduate learning environment and research community.

Your nominee will have shown a commitment to growing a postgraduate community and increasing the engagement of postgraduate students in both academic activity and extra-curricular opportunities.


Student Engagement Award

This award will be presented to an individual who has impacted upon the success of others through their engagement with activities, campaigns, and projects run by the University and/or the Students' Union.

Your nominee will have delivered a significant improvement to the University, engaging both staff and students in the process.


Academic Rep of the Year (per School)

There will be 9 awards, one per school, to recognise those Academic Representatives who have made the greatest contribution to their School.  

These awards will be chosen by the Chairs of Schools.


Liberation Officer of the Year

This award will be given to the Liberation Officer who has made the greatest impact over the last academic year through their motivation, passion and commitment.

This award will be selected by the President of Wellbeing & Diversity.


Chair of School of the Year

This award will be given to the Chair of School who has made the greatest contribution to their School by ensuring that students are at the centre of teaching here at York St John.  They will have worked tirelessly to provide feedback to lecturers, students, and the Students' Union.

This award will be decided by the President of Education and awarded to the Chair deemed to have made the biggest impact within their School. 


Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering Award
This award will be given to an individual who has put in a lot of time, effort and enthusiasm towards Volunteering here at York St John University. This could be an internal project, or a community volunteering project which they are heavily involved with.

Your nominee will have dedicated their time to volunteer and is deemed to have made a difference – be it at York St John University, or in the York community.


Outstanding Contribution to Academic Representation

This award will be given to someone who has shown the greatest commitment to working with students to develop their academic experience at York St John.

Your nominee will have had a noticeable impact in representing others’ academic interests through championing the student voice in their own area and dedicating a significant number of voluntary hours to doing so. 


Outstanding Student Achievement

This award will be given to the student who has achieved something amazing during this academic year whilst overcoming adversity – achieving in the field of sport, performance, academia, engagement, or volunteering. This award is designed to celebrate every kind of achievement our students accomplish.

Your nominee will have remained dedicated, steadfast and committed to succeed despite the challenges they have faced this year, acting as a role model to others in doing so.  



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