YSJSU | Meet your new President of Education!

YSJSU | Meet your new President of Education!


Elections are over for another year, and you as a student body turned out in record form to elect your new exec team! As always, we thought it would be good to get to know the people behind the candidates, so we asked you’re newly elected candidates a few quick fire questions! First up, your new President of Education Steph Foxton!

Q: What’s your name & where do you come from?

A: I'm Steph Foxton and I'm from the Isle of Man

Q: What you studying?

A: I'm studying English Language & Linguistics

Q: What’s your favourite film ever?

A: Tough question, I would have to say Pride & Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightley in) as I could easily watch it 24/7

Q: What’s your number 1 night out jam?

A: Before I go on a night out I listen to a remix by Captain Cuts that mashes up Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 with Justin Bieber, it shouldn't work but it totally does!

Q: What’s your dream holiday destination?

A: I really want to travel around South East Asia teaching English so if I could have a holiday there as well that'd be awesome!

Q: What would be your last meal on earth?

A: I would have my mum's homemade Lasagne as it's incredible and the ultimate comfort food

Q: Who is the one person you would love to go for a coffee with?

A: I would have to say my Nana, June, as I really miss her and it'd be amazing to spend some more time with her

Q: What’s your favourite YSJ Memory?

A: Whenever I get asked this question I instantly think of playing for the YSJ Hockey team and when we beat Newcastle 3s 5-0 when we only had 8 players on the pitch - I've never run so much in my life but it was totally worth it! Being part of the hockey club in general has made my time at York St John even better because I know I have made friends for life

Q: What are you most looking forward to next year?

A: Meeting all the new students of YSJ and showing them how great this university is! I'm super excited to work with Annie and George as I think we'll make an awesome team and I'm also looking forward to making positive changes within the university itself so hopefully students can enjoy their studies as much as I have these past 3 years!

Q: Finally… Summer or Winter Archies?

A: Summer!

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