Work Safe Together

Work Safe Together

YSJSU is working collaboratively alongside YSJ Wellbeing and Accommodation to bring you 'Work Safe Together'. All week we will be dedicating this campaign to student wellbeing to help everyone stay safe, whether this is when walking by the river to walking home after a night out! 

Take a look at what is happening throughout the week. 

Tuesday: All About Respect and Streamline Taxi company will be at the SU to let you know how you can stay safe traveling in York. You can also learn where you can report any incidents to the uni and ask for support. 

Thursday: The Rescue Boat will be outside the SU to demonstrate the Float to Live steps and precautions. Alongside this, The York Fire Department will be there to chat about fire safety in your accommodation.

Friday: Personal Safety and Theft- The North Yorkshire Police will be outside the SU to mark your bikes and to answer any questions you may have in regards to your personal Safety. YSJ RSA's will be Holgate giving out Accommodations top tips so you and your belongings stay safe!

Come by the SU in between lectures or when you have finished for the day to get all the information you need for the next year. 

Stay safe YSJ x 

Work Safe Together Resources:

Welfare: For any support and advice in relation to your safety you can speak to the welfare advisers, Jane or Mel by booking a Welfare appointment: Speak to a Welfare Adviser

Need Help Now: If you “NEED HELP NOW” please check out: Need Help Now

Wellbeing support: Access Wellbeing Support

Report and Support 

We believe that sexual violence, partner violence, and hate crime, including harassment such as racism and sexual harassment, are never ok. All staff, students, and visitors to our campus can report something either anonymously or with contact details so you will get a response. Reports can be about an individual or a group of people

All About Respect 

Float to Live


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