Welcome Week 2021 | Your Full Freshers Guide

Welcome Week 2021 | Your Full Freshers Guide

Hello and huge welcome to York St John Students’ Union! We’re the hub of student life here at YSJ and we do all we can to ensure that you have the best time possible whilst you’re at university. Did you know that you’re automatically a member of the union when you arrive to YSJ if you opt in at registration? (make sure you do!) So, keep reading to find out more about us and your full freshers week schedule!


Welcome Week Schedule

We have so many exciting events lined up to give you the full YSJSU experience this September! From a Petting Zoo, to an Outdoor Cinema to the Freshers Fair, there's something for everyone to enjoy during Welcome Week to meet like-minded students and settle into university life. As well as daytime events, we have a week packed full of events in the bar, paired with our new food and cocktail menus, and of course, a week full of YSJ club nights!

Download your Welcome Week Guide here

View the events here.

View the Freshers Fair map here.

See the Campus Map here.


Social Card

Have you grabbed your YSJSU Social card yet? Our Social card gives you a 10% discount on all the SU's commercial services for the whole academic year. Including drinks at the bar, food, coffee and merch! Not to mention free entry to £1 a pint all year and queue jump to every Official YSJ club night. With a Social card, if you spend £20 in the SU every week you could save up to £100!

PLUS it’s paired with our brand new loyalty scheme, which means for every £10 you spend you’ll get £1 worth of reward points back!

We’ve also partnered up with local businesses in the City to bring you student discounts across a range of food, drinks and things to do in York. View all of your exclusive city-wide discounts here.

What are you waiting for? Pre-order yours here.


Parent's Guide 

In this parent’s survival guide, find out key things to know to set your child up for success. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Download here.


Join our Freshers Facebook group to meet course-mates and flat-mates before you arrive! Join here.

Follow us on socials for the latest updates on our brand new services launching in September!

Instagram: @ysjsu

Twitter: @ysjsu 

Facebook: /YSJStudentsUnion

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