Get Involved in YSJ’s Video Games and Esports Club!

Get Involved in YSJ’s Video Games and Esports Club!

York St. John Video Games and Esports is a place where you get to play your favourite video games, whilst making new friends in the process! We host weekly community nights, and partake in esports tournaments each semester, giving our members a chance to show off their skills. For only £17.50 a year, you get access to all our events, partake in our esports teams and the chance for some amazing opportunities.

Want to know more? Contact us by email, [email protected], or join our Discord server:


How we got involved in esports?

We operate our esports sector under the Eboracum Esports branding and you can see us competing in tournaments like NUEL and NSE regularly! We also enter our teams into other tournaments like the online belong tournaments and more! We first got into esports with our Overwatch and Counter Strike teams on the back end of 2019 and since then have entered teams every few months into various tournaments to gain experience and take home some trophies!


How did we meet?

 York St. John Video Games and Esports was created when our chair and vice chair shared a common interest in esports, and video games. Since no esports or video games society existed at York St. John, they decided to set up their own - which is now the one that exists today. The society now exists for video game lovers, and esports competitors alike for everyone in YSJ.


How much time do you need to dedicate? When do we meet and compete?

 Different games and titles are different! So for example, Overwatch plays every Monday and Thursday but players can choose their availability, for example, if they only want to play in the NUEL tournament, they would only play Monday. Most teams also run a practise day but these are optional. However, if you declare that you’ll attend, we do expect reasonable commitment from you!


Do I need to be good?

 No! Anybody with an interest in gaming or Esports is allowed to join this society! We have places for substitute players on every roster and if we have enough interest, we can of course enter multiple teams in for every title. If you want to play any title, if it’s Rainbow Six: Siege, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Overwatch, etc, no matter who you are, we’ll accommodate for you!


Do I need any equipment?

 Yes and no! Having access to a computer or device that can run the game you’re wanting to compete in is important, however, in York there is access to computers through Belong York (5 Church Street YO1 8BG) which players can rent out and gain access to for a small fee! They do offer a student pass also! 


What other games and activities do you do?

For our Esports side, we will enter teams into ANYTHING! Literally, any game. We currently have teams competing in Overwatch, Counter Strike, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and League of Legends but have previous interest in players for Rainbow Six: Siege, Valorant and more! If your game has interest in a competitive scene like Team Fortress 2 or Smite for example also, we can find you opportunities to compete! There are also opportunities for mobile gamers to play in tournaments for Clash Royale, League of Legends: Wild Rift and previously PUBG Mobile. For more information on these titles, please join our discord server
We also offer weekly online gaming nights for less competitive gamers! Where we occasionally present quizzes and play games online. We play anything from Overwatch pick up games, to Jackbox Party Pack evenings! Any game you can imagine playing with a group, we’ve either played or plan to! Come by and we’re always looking for community input on that games we host!


Why should I join?

 For this question, we decided to ask our community anonymously on why people should join this society. Here is one response we received.
“If you like gaming and socialising with people then the YSJU Gaming Society is for you! Sometimes playing games by ourselves can get boring and lonely. Here at YSJU Gaming Society, we make sure you feel included and comfortable. You get to play your favourite games while meeting new people with the same interests as you. We also run social events that can help you relieve stress from your Uni life, such as games night."

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