YSJSU | Make the most of summer!

YSJSU | Make the most of summer!

We hope you are already having THE BEST summer! After enjoying a whole three day heatwave in our beloved York we are back to rain… #BritishSummerVibes. We know right now you are probably loving the freedom found in not being here, no more lectures, no more deadlines and no more essays, but pretty soon that feeling may just drift as you find yourself with a lot of time! There is so much to summer than catching rays, kipping in the afternoon & endless BBQ’s, so here are some things you can try to make Summer ’17 your best yet!

Volunteer for a good cause

Yes, summer is ‘you time’. But why not use some of that ‘me time’ to help yourself whilst helping others. Seek out a great cause, help someone else, make someone’s day and in turn boost your CV!

Get work experience

As previously hinted at, summer is the perfect time to boost the CV! Why not try and get a few weeks work experience under the belt, build some strategic relationships and get your name known in your relevant industry


Fairly sure we don’t have to major on this one… We live in a big old world, and there is plenty to see! Get yourself a little job, save up some cash and then go somewhere sweet… simple!

Attend a Festival

Arguably the quintessential element in any British summer. Whether glorious sun or heavy rain, there is just something special about grabbing a tent, heading to a field and joining in with thousands for a weekend of live music and massive singalongs!

Get a new hobby / learn a new skill

As much as we try to argue it, binge watching boxsets is not a hobby, or a skill! Take up an instrument, learn a language, brush up on your cooking… anything! Make it your mission to become a mini expert by the end of summer!  

Get in shape

There isn’t going to be a better time to work off the endless pot noodles! Take up running, join a gym, do some yoga, go and walk in the country!

Spend time with friends & family!

We have all felt the homesick blues and missed them when we are at uni, so soak up every minute you can with family and friends! Go and visit grandma, catch up with high school favourites and enjoy home luxury’s!

Prepare for University

Last, and by no means least, prepare for your return to university! Get supplies slowly stocked, start doing some reading, sort out your student finance and just about anything else you can to ensure September is stress free!

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