Student Blog | 4 Things Freshers NEED to know!

Student Blog | 4 Things Freshers NEED to know!

It’s true, you don’t understand how hard university is until you’re actually there. Assignments, reading lists, and finance isn't made any easier knee deep in bitchy fights, ant infestations, and missing clean tea towels.


Things Cost Money


Living at home is cost-free living and everything comes with a price tag in the real world. That’s right… there’s no magic toothpaste fairy. But students don’t have to get by on the bare-minimum - if you budget well you’re laughing, if you budget wrong then you need a job.


What I found easy was taking a weekly allowance out of the bank, then you know if you really can afford that Donner pizza at the end of a night out. I budgeted so well, the guy in the take-away knows my order… Which was the most embarrassing moment of my life.


You’ll be a Domestic Goddess in No-Time


The most daunting thing about living alone is learning how to live alone, especially when you’ve never used an oven in your life. It gets easier, after a few weeks of eating burnt or underdone food, your life falls into place. Well, it does when you want a decent dinner and clean pants. You don’t need a qualification to use a washing machine or cook a decent curry from a jar… but I have found you need a doctorate to figure out how to work the shower.


There will be fall outs


Nobody gets along with everybody. We argued over who took who’s curly fries out of the freezer and who put mouldy bread in someone’s cupboard… thus, #carbgate was born. Six months later, we’re all best mates again and we still don’t know who the culprit was. I reckon it was the cleaners trying to stir some banter.


Enjoy every second


However many miserable moments you have at uni, there are a billion more good times. Use your first year to make mistakes and learn, often marks won’t count to your overall grade. And make the most of it because you’ll be a slave to the library in Second and Third years.


Imogen Peniston

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