YSJSU | The Student Recruitment Team Need You!

YSJSU | The Student Recruitment Team Need You!

Remember that awkward feeling when you came for your first look round YSJ? New city, new Uni, new people… Hopefully that feeling was overcome by bumping into one of the many friendly lecturers, staff members or even a student ambassador. Well, now it’s your time to pass that friendly feeling onto someone else!  

The student recruitment team need some help with signposting on our next open day on the 19th August.

All you will need to be is a current York St John student and available on Friday 18th August for a 15 minute briefing, and to be in town to signpost on Saturday 19th August to signpost at 9am

For the signposting role on Saturday 19 August you will need to head off to your location independently (given by Grant on the 18 August), and ready in place for 9am, the hours of the sign-posters will to be 9-12pm, and you will be given a YSJ tee-shirt beforehand to wear. You will need to stand in a given area in York city centre, giving out clear directions to our Open day, and also being friendly and approachable answering any queries the visitors may have about York St John. There will also be a leaflet for you to give out to visitors.

For your help as a sign poster, you will receive a £25 amazon voucher!

If you are able to help or have any further queries, please let the team know by emailing studentambassadors@yorksj.ac.uk 

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