YSJSU | Summer Storage Solutions!

YSJSU | Summer Storage Solutions!

There is nothing quite like finding a solution to a problem. Well, unless someone finds a solution for you to a problem you didn’t realise you had…

And that is what we have done for you!

Picture yourself, two months down line, having just handed in those last few essays or completing your last exam, enjoying some celebratory drinks, and then waking up the next day to the thing everyone hates… PACKING! If the thought hasn’t hit you, it will do soon, how on earth to I get all this home? All the excess clothes, all the books, all the folders, ALL THE STUFF?!

Well, maybe you don’t have to!

We are currently working on a very exciting partnership with a great company called Inner Space Stations, who are going to be offering some brilliantly priced storage solutions for our students! For as little as £17.50, they will pick your stuff from the SU, store it in a secure, insured location all summer, then deliver it back to you on arrivals weekend in September. It really is the perfect alternative to the end of term over packed boot!

More details on the service & costings will be coming soon (although you can check out the company here), as well as the ability to access the service via our info point, so watch this space…

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