Unwind Friday

Unwind Friday

On the final day of our Study at Home Support week, we're looking at ways to unwind and take a break from working at home. We asked the Presidents to share what they've been enjoying doing in their free time to give you some inspiration!


Tim, President of the Students' Union

Having more time to exercise and go for a run is something I've been enjoying during the lockdown. It's a great way to clear your mind and stay active!

It can be really difficult to stay in touch when you're busy, but one advantage of working from home is having more time to contact people. I find that staying in contact with friends and family is really helpful in the current circumstances.

All of the virtual quizzes and games nights that have started during lockdown have been really fun. They're a great opportunity to catch up with friends and maintain a bit of normality.


Kirsten, President of Wellbeing and Diversity

I've really gotten into yoga recently! It's such a good way of staying fit when it's difficult to go out, plus I think it's a great way to clear your mind!

Personal development is something I've thrown myself into. Having a bit more time than usual has meant that I've been able to work on my skills and increase my understanding.

Films and TV series have been massively helpful during the lockdown becuase they're such a good distraction. A series I binged recently was Our Girl — give it a watch!


Jenny, President of Education

I used to be an avid baker, but unfortunately it’s something I dropped at university. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into baking at home and it definitely gives me some nice treats to eat whilst watching a film!

I’m loving all the video calls with friends and family, especially with the fun games we play online too. So far I've played bingo, hosted a pub quiz and played a game created by my old housemate.

Reading is something I’ve had a lot more time for in lockdown I've already read 4 books. It distracts my mind and I’d say is a great winddown activity, especially before bed.