Sabbs | Final Day Goodbyes!

Sabbs | Final Day Goodbyes!

SU President - Laurie Illingworth

Today is my final day as President of York St John Students' Union.

Thank you to everybody who voted back in February 2016 for giving me the opportunity to be the first ever President in our beautiful new building. Thank you to IzzyKatie and the YSJSU staff team for being great, supporting me and having a laugh along the way. Thanks to Nathaniel for being a great role model, love you. Thank you to the students of YSJ for being bloody marvellous. I've met a lot of cool people this year and I'm proud of everything we have achieved. I know that you are in safe hand with GeorgeSteph and Annie - good luck team!

I couldn't possibly describe how brilliant this year has been in words so here is a bunch of photos to sum up the best year of my life to date.

YSJ, you will forever be in my blood x

Vice President of Education - Izzy Tooke

So, the day is finally here - my last day in the offices of York St John Students' Union as Vice President of Education. (I am on a cheeky panel all day tomorrow so won't be about). That's right, I am leaving ever so slightly early on to pastures new (or as some call it, the dark side, the University).

Being VP Education has been a challenge and incredibly rewarding, so first off a thank you to every student I have worked with and every staff member. This place has been my home and my family for four years now and if it wasn't for the Students' Union I would have dropped out of uni and not be where I am today.

Next thank you goes to Laurie. I gained so much from this year but your friendship has got to be up there with one of the best things about this year. You have dealt with my tears and my stroppy days but you never fail to make me smile. Thank you for being the President to my Vice President and I hope we are friends for life (you have no choice in the matter).

Katie - I am going to miss having someone to discuss Kardashians with and your bluntness and no nonsense attitude. You are sassy and awesome and I will miss you.

And the big bad Chris. You make me cringe and you are such a dad but you have been a fabulous CEO and buddy this year. I'm sorry your favourite sabb is leaving early and don't cry too much. You will need to find someone new to make you such nice cups of tea.

And finally to Steph. I wish you the best of luck as President of Education 17/18. You are going to be bloody incredible.

So, that's it guys. Over and out x

Vice President of Welfare & Diversity - Katie Irving

Today is my final day as York St John Students' Union's Vice President of Welfare and Diversity and the last day this role will be a part of YSJ as it moves forward to be the President of Wellbeing and Diversity. Thanks to all the students who voted for me and for giving me this opportunity, its been an amazing year and I am so happy I got a chance to be at YSJ for another year and be apart of the student experience.

Good luck to all the 2nd and 1st years with the rest of your time at YSJ, it goes by so fast and truly is the best time of your life, say yes to everything you can, because as a previous president said remember you're here for a good time not a long time!

Last but not least a massive good luck to Annie Severn for next year as PWD, you will do an amazing job and I'm excited to see what you do!

Goodbye YSJ xxxxxxxx

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