Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe 

Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe 

Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe

With beer gardens opening and better weather on its way, it’s easy to fall back into old habits when it comes to socialising and drinking, however it is important to remember that there are still restrictions in place. Because of this, it’s very easy to feel confused and unsure of how you can still have the same student experience. Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe is our safety campaign aimed at making sure you have the best time possible, whilst staying COVID safe and drink-aware. In light of the "new normal" and easing restrictions from April 12th, here are some key tips to remember:


Plan Safe

If you're going out:

· Stick to the rule of 6

o Venues will have a maximum capacity, no more than 6 at a table from a maximum of 2 households.

· Book your table in advance.

o this avoids disappointment and ensures you have your space beforehand

· Take a face covering with you and wear it where you're required to do so.

· Download the NHS COVID-19 app before you go – you may be required to scan a QR code when you enter a venue.

· Know your way to and from venues to avoid getting lost!

· All About Respect offer FREE personal alarms – contact the team to find out more

If you're staying in:

· You can have up to 6 people or two households in your garden – including your own!

o Make sure you all have enough layers if it gets cold!

o The government has said you cannot meet in private housing until the 17th of May – keep checking in for updates on this!

· It’s always worth planning for an online option if you’re keen to have bigger meetups.

o Online escape rooms, beer pong and even movie nights might be becoming a thing of the past, but nostalgia might make it fun again, who knows!

· Be aware of the neighbourhood you live in

o there are elderly people, families and full-time workers around student accommodation who might not appreciate the late night tunes and chatting


Drink Safe

· Take care of your mates.

o Many of us haven’t been to a pub or had a large drinking session in quite some time, so alcohol may affect you more than anticipated! So take it steady and look out for each other

· Stay 2m apart.

o Even if you see people you know, resist the urge to get close to them and remember the rule of 6!

· Don’t share your glass or pass the bottle around. This increases the risk of transmission of Coronavirus.

· Remember to eat before to line your stomach.

· Know your limits – a standard drink contains about 10 grams of alcohol, which is the amount your body can process in 1 hour. How much alcohol you can handle depends on your age, weight, gender and how you feel at the time.

· Know when to say “no”. It can be easy to be persuaded to have “just one more round”, but if you know you’ve had enough, say so.

· Always remember, every 3rd drink should be water, even if you’re drinking from the comfort of your home.


Home Safe

· Respect the community in York – don't loiter in the streets after venues close and keep the noise to an absolute minimum when you're making your way home. · Streamline Taxis are always a call away on 01904 656565. They offer 10% student discount when you show your student ID card! If you have no money, they can take your student card, which you can pick up when you pay at the Streamline offices.

· Ask for Angela. If you ever feel threatened or are in an uncomfortable situation, ask any member of staff in the bar for Angela and they will be able to offer help immediately – this is a nationwide scheme.

· Recognise your surroundings - make sure you know where you’re going and where you’ve come from, after a few drinks in the dark a lot of streets can look the same, and if you need to tell someone where you are, it helps to know yourself!

· Don’t Drink and Drown. After a few drinks you may believe you can channel your inner Michael Phelps, however we encourage that you do not. The rivers in York have very strong undercurrents and over the years several students have been lost to them. Similarly, avoid walking along the rivers after you have been drinking to avoid the risk of falling. Check out the don’t drink and drown campaign from the RLSS


Safe Sex

The Government suggests that if you're having sexual intercourse with someone outside of your bubble, you wear a mask, avoid kissing, and practice positions which are not face to face. Whilst this may seem ridiculous, it is important to remember that restrictions do still apply in these circumstances.

Treat COVID like an STI:

· Protect yourself when around new people – wear a mask and a condom.

· Get tested if you have symptoms – you can get home testing kits!

· Isolate if you have symptoms and avoid people (and sex).

· If you have it, do the polite thing and let people know to prevent the spread

The Terrance Higgins Trust suggest that you need should find a way to balance your need for sex and intimacy with the risks of the spread of COVID-19. They also recommend that the best sexual partner during the pandemic is yourself! Ideally, you will only have sex with people in your household, and if you are with those outside of your bubble, limit the number of partners. As usual, remember to use a condom as there is evidence that the virus is spread through semen and faeces.

Additionally, STIs haven’t gone away and are still a risk. If you are in need of protection, York Medical Group provide this for free at any of their surgeries, as do the students’ union when we are open.


Overall, we want you to have fun, make friends and most of all stay safe!