Meet Your Officers for 2020/21!

Meet Your Officers for 2020/21!

With the Students’ Union Elections (and By-Election) having wrapped up last month, we now know who the full-time and part-time officers are for 2020/21. These students will be leading the Students’ Union, making changes and representing you! Look out for more to come from the new team over the summer.


Full-time Officers

President of the Students’ Union – Jamie Andrews

Jamie Andrews


President of Education – Jenny Marchant

Jenny Marchant


President of Wellbeing and Diversity – Emma Palmer

Emma Palmer



Part-time Liberation Officers

BAME Officer – Kalen Reid

Kalen Reid


Disabilities Officer – Kai Aspinall

Kai Aspinall


International Officer – Marissa St Ange

Marissa St Ange


LGBTQ+ Officer – Emily Balmer

Emily Balmer


Postgraduate and Mature Officer – Christian Smith

Christian Smith



Part-time Chairs of School

Chair of Arts – Aimeé Yeoman

Aimeé Yeoman


Chair of Education, Language and Psychology – Millie Whiteford

Millie Whiteford


Chair of Humanities – Dominic Bramley

Dominic Bradley


Chair of Science, Technology and Health – Jane Nesworthy

Jane Nesworthy


Chair of York Business School – Heather Graham

Heather Graham