YSJSU Gets Healthy | It’s all over!

YSJSU Gets Healthy | It’s all over!

Published: 5th July 2018, 10:00am

We are not sure how you could missed it, but if you have, we have had a little summer health challenge with our friends at Emperors Gym! (www.emperors.co.uk)  Two of our staff members, Paul & Matt agreed to take part in a month of gym sessions, as well as weekly PT sessions, all in the hope of getting stronger, slimmer and healthier!

In terms of how it has all played out, here is a little recap!


The first weeks session was all about sizing us up and seeing what we had in the locker! With an abundance of squats, plenty of lunges, some box step ups & a bunch of burpees, we were put through our paces. We then moved onto the upper body, and finished on abs… so the full body got battered!

We then went our separate ways with Matt throwing himself into plenty of TRX, circuits, boxing and cardio, and Paul focussing on cardio and weights.


Our second session was another all-rounder, but onto weights. We did a bit of back, a bit of chest, and then onto legs, with an absolute punishing sessions of squats, leg presses and incline sprints.

We then went into a week of doing our own thing, with Matt focussing on weights, more boxing & plenty of Stairmaster to bring on the sweat, and Paul continuing with weights and cardio to ensure full body workouts!


Week 3 saw us learning the fundamentals of upper body lifting. We did plenty of kettlebell shoulder presses, then onto bench pressing, shoulder presses, back exercises, some biceps & triceps, all finishing off with some lunges & wall sits.

At this point we really both started feeling the benefits of the programme, starting to lift more and with way better form, and feeling fitter due to the cardio!


The last session! It was all about the upper body on the last session, with fairly heavy weights and a tonne of reps! Loads of shoulder stuff, biceps, triceps, chest and an abs finisher, all before our ‘after shots’ where there was definitely progression!

Both of us will be continuing the programmes into the summer, and keeping the cardio at a high level to ensure more weight loss & greater levels of strength!


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