News | YSJSU Get’s Healthy Part 3!

News | YSJSU Get’s Healthy Part 3!

Published: 22nd June 2018, 9:00am

We have just finished week three of our YSJSU gets healthy experiment! If you missed the last couple of week’s blogs, here is the basic premise… Our friends at Emperors Gym ( got in touch, asking whether any of us would like a month’s gym membership, coupled with a weekly PT session to speed up the process of getting healthier, all in return for us letting you know how it’s going! Two of the team from Student Voice, Matt & Paul jumped at the chance, and have been documenting their progress, which you can read here & here.

Week 1 was all about the circuits, week 2 was all about the legs, and week 3 saw the introduction of more upper body. Here is how it went down:

“Week 3 saw us learning the fundamentals of upper body lifting. We did plenty of kettlebell shoulder presses, then onto bench pressing, shoulder presses, back exercises, some biceps & triceps, all finishing off with some lunges & wall sits. On top of that, I have continued to utilise circuits, weights, plenty of boxing and some faster pace cardio bursts, and am certainly feeling the benefits! Now for the last week…” Matt

"Week 3 – ENDURANCE. Designed to push us even harder, week three threw in combinations of upper body and whole body workouts – from chest press to wall squats, there was something to test every inch of you. But, holding a wall squat in three sets for 40 seconds per set was probably the most gruelling part of the entire session. I was definitely happy with a sit down afterwards. But again, a good week . It’s almost over but it’s definitely been a motivating experience! " Paul


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