Election | Who should I vote for?!

Election | Who should I vote for?!

With just over 5 days away, it’s getting tantalisingly close…

On the 8th June the country will once again hit the ballot boxes three years earlier than scheduled to elect members of parliament in all 650 constituencies in Britain, determining which party and prime minister will lead us into the next few years.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on polling day, and if you have successfully registered to vote you will have received your polling card through the post, which is the easiest way to find out where you can vote. If you haven’t received your polling card just contact your local authority (you can find out the contact details here)

As with all elections this is a really key time for our country, and it is integral that you use your vote and have your say. Don’t worry if you have been desperately trying to make sense of the manifestos and are still unsure who to vote for, that is incredibly normal! If that does sound like you, here are a few great resources to check out:


Yes, you have to kind of get over the weakest link style setup and the constant talking over each other, but the debate is a great opportunity to hear representatives from all the major parties try to discuss the hot topics ahead of the election.

Check it out on BBC IPlayer now


The manifesto guide section of the BBC Website is another great informative tool. With an easy to navigate system which enables you to check out all the parties key manifesto priorities, as well as drilling down into the finer details of the different topics, it’s a great way to inform your decision.

Head to the BBC Website here


You have probably already seen a tonne of quizzes floating round on social media informing you after five generic questions who you should vote more… Not the most reliable way to make your decision!

That being said, the ‘I Side With’ quiz is a great way to answer a set of questions around all the big topics, as well as dictating how important each is to you, which then gives you a fairly detailed breakdown of which party you most fit within, as well as details on how others in your area have answered.

Head to the I Side With Quiz here

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