Byelaw Notice

Byelaw Notice

Over the last year, we have been reviewing our byelaws. These are the governing documents which outline how we structure our elected officers, elections, Student Council, sports and societies, and other key elements of the Students’ Union.

Led by a member of staff, a group composed of trustees, staff, and students has reviewed each byelaw in detail and made changes to make the Students’ Union’s governance simpler and more effective.

 In particular, we have:

  • Simplified language to make our governance documents more accessible
  • Ensured our process are consistent with the Articles of Association, and consistent across the organisation
  • Reviewed our process to make them more effective and to ensure they match our vision and values
  • Established a byelaw explaining how Student Members’ Meetings are organised and run
  • Made Zones more flexible
  • Made it easier to run a club or society and emphasised that student groups are student led
  • Made it easier to manage a club’s or society’s finances, and outlined what clubs and societies can expect from the Students’ Union when it comes to finances
  • Explained who our senior Trustees are and what is expected of them
  • Explained our relationship with the NUS

In the coming months, we’ll be working closely with clubs and societies to explain the changes made to the Sports & Societies and Financial Regulations byelaws, and to make sure we provide appropriate training so that committees and members can run their clubs and societies effectively and efficiently.

We would like to thank the Student Council and the Sports & Societies Council for their input, assistance, and advice throughout the review process.

You can find all of our byelaws on the documents page of our website ( under Our Governance.

If you have any questions about the byelaws, or how the Students’ Union is run, you can get in touch with the Presidents, or the Students’ Union at [email protected].

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