Published: 13th April 2018, 10:00am

The Annual Sports and Societies Dinners are right around the corner, and much like the Oscars the winners are decided in a secret room with the upmost confidentiality! BUT, there are two awards that are voted by YOU the student body and that is the INFAMOUS Sport and Society Personality of the Year. These famous individuals are the personalities of both the Sporting and Society community at YSJ and the students YOU feel have been the most present on campus, have the biggest persona or are just a great laugh! Below is the full list of the nominees, as well as the reason they have been put forward, and voting will run from 12noon on the13th of April until 4pm on the 20th of April, so HURRY UP and get voting for your favourite personalities HERE!


Rebecca Hardwick
Rebecca has shown a great sense of involvement and engagement with both Drama Society and YSJSU during her time as Society Chair. She has been keen to get involved with as much as she possibly could this year, and this has been recognised by other Clubs and Societies. As well as this, Rebecca has supported and led Drama Society to have a very successful year, coming up with innovative charity events and making sure all members feel welcome. She has led Drama to be one of the most well-known societies this year with her empathy, optimism and overall kind hearted self.

Joshua Clark
Josh has been a fantastic Chair of MPS this year ensuring his members gain the best possible experience within the society. Josh has encouraged his Society to get involved with various opportunities throughout the year, raising a lot of money for their own charity as well as supporting other Clubs and Societies with theirs. He is consistently bouncing around campus and the SU, engaging with every person he can chat to; a lovely and outgoing individual.

Sarah Jackson
Sarah was the lead in MPS’s last year’s production of Legally Blonde, and since that performance she has remained at centre stage of everything MPS. Alongside Josh, she has led the club to greater heights, even running for Society Officer, sitting on Student Senate in the SU are representing the voice of societies at the Union. She’s sassy and classy, and a big voice on campus.

Dan Grayson
Dan is well recognised by both YSJSU and the Club and Society members due to being highly involved within the YSJ community. Dan was voted in as Geek Society’s co-chair in their BAGM in November, and he has shown nothing but dedication to the Society. He spends a lot of time and effort on ensuring Geek Society is as successful as it can be and makes sure all members are having the best possible experience. 

Louise Carr
Louise has juggled studying a Masters this year and leading the Primary Education Society, supporting all students within any form of education, and being a maternal figure for many 1st years Primary Education students starting YSJ this year. She has bridged the gap between Sports and Societies and ensured Primary Education remains one of the biggest Societies at YSJ.

Sam Strickland
Sam has created a lot of noise on campus this year, being known for one of the leading characters within the Drama society. He is well respected amongst his members and has actively made a stamp for Drama with both the Society community but also YSJ on a whole.

Rachel Rogers
Rachel has been a solid member of MPS for a few years now, and unlike her veteran title she still has the same energy and charisma of many of the first years who grace the society every year. She has year in year out been cast as leading roles in the societies showcase and really pushed MPS to great success. Her kind and gentle persona is matched with an electric level of sass on and off stage.   

Shannon Clay
Shannon not only is the LGBTQ+ Liberation Officer at the Union, but has led the LGBTQ+ Society for the past two years now. He has worked with the Union and the University to ensure that the trans inclusive framework has student content, ensured there are more gender neutral toilets on campus and even worked with York Pride on their events throughout the year. He has been an extremely influential figure for YSJ in all LGBTQ+ issues and has been a notable character through his three years with us.  

Raphaelle Piquiot
Raphie is not only the Chair of the Psychology Society but also the new Chair of the Psychological and Social Sciences School at YSJ. She has been a presence on campus since the start of this academic year, pushing the Psychology Society back on the map, ensuring students understand the benefit of merging their academic study with extra-curricular activities. She has been a brilliant representative for the society and will excel next year in taking charge of the PSS School itself.

Lauren Nelson
Lauren is one of the few members we have at the Union who is spread out both in Sports and Societies; Lauren actively engages with the Dance Club at YSJ but also is the Chair of the Singing Society at the Union. She has pushed the Society on leaps and bounds, bridging the gap between Sports Teams and Societies, engaging in many SU events and campaigns, but mainly with her positive attitude and commitment led the Society in a brilliant direction this year. 


Nat Carr
Nat is extremely recognised in the sporting community here at YSJ. Not only is she very dedicated to her role of Club Captain for Women’s Rugby Union, she also has been a valued member of YSJ Kats Cheerleading during her time at University. Nat shows commitment to both Clubs as well as playing Rugby for York City Knights Ladies, a great achievement and she manages to juggle all her sporting commitments on top of studying her degree.

Ellie Booth
Ellie has played for and represented the Volleyball Club for three years whilst studying here at YSJ. From taking over as Club Captain in her 2nd year, she has developed and grown the club to outstanding heights, which are shown through her success in winning the Club Officer award last year. The team value and community spirit is extremely evident in Volleyball and a large proportion of that is down to Ellie’s commitment and support as Club Captain.

Lucy Tilbury
Lucy Tilbury is a fireball of excitement both on and off the Netball court. This year alongside Megan she has been one half of the Social Sec team for the Netball Club, ensuring all the teams come together as a United Club and feel part of the YSJ family. Next year she is taking over from Liv as Club Captain, bringing her own take on leadership with her bubbly and positive attitude. Her Northern charm has put her personality of the map this year.

Tamsyn Muller
Tamsyn has been a loyal Club Caption to YSJ Dance this year, always trying her hardest to give their members the best experience they can. Tamsyn is always seen around campus getting involved with new things and helping out where possible, which she encourages YSJ Dance to do too. She is a brilliant asset to the YSJ community and has been an outstanding leading representative of Dance this year, ensuring the brilliant achievements of the Dance Club remain consistent for another year.

Liam Giles
Liam has shown a true sense of dedication to Men’s Football and Futsal over his time at YSJ. This year, he has taken on the responsibility of Vice Club Captain and 1st Team Captain and has served both roles extremely well. He has gone above and beyond to ensure his members have the best possible experience they can, and he always has a positive attitude and is happy to help wherever he can.

Sam Ogilby
Sam is an extremely very positive and helpful member of Men’s Football and Futsal. He has been a fantastic member of committee this year, and is very committed to his Treasurer role. Sam has used his time within Men’s Football to push the teams out into the wider Sports and Society Community, ensuring all of the lads are one big family together, but also that they engage with other teams and societies. He’s a smiling character that you can’t miss.

Jamie Perrenoud
Jamie has spent his year as Club Captain of Badminton ensuring the Club is as successful as it can be. He is actively known within the Sporting and Society community, ensuring that his members engage with other events that clubs put on. He constantly pushes the club’s ethos of a positive and open environment and is a brilliant asset to the clubs development for the future. He looks forward to another year leading the Badminton club as he secures another year of Club Captain.

Nathan Saltmer
Nathan has stepped up during his role of Men’s 1st Team Captain this year and gone above and beyond to support his club where possible. Nathan is wholeheartedly committed to Men’s Rugby Union and always tries his best to ensure the Club are having the best time they possibly can be. We look forward to seeing how well Nathan does next year as he steps into the role of Club Captain for Men’s Rugby Union.

Olivia Bowers
Olivia has shown high levels of involvement and commitment to the sporting community here at YSJ. Over her year as Club Captain of Netball, Olivia has thrown herself into as many experiences and opportunities as possible. Olivia has also encouraged her Club to do the same, and Netball has had a high presence at other Clubs / Societies charity events due to this. Olivia has supported 5 Netball teams in BUCS as well as an additional 6th team in Community League this year all whilst studying in her final year at York St John.

Emma Bailey
Emma has been a valued member of Snowsports during her time here at YSJ, this year she has served the role of Club Captain extremely well. Emma is always keen to get involved with everything that is happening here at YSJ and she is fun and bubbly individual who is recognised by both members of Snowsports but also external to her Club.

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