Student Executive Council - Meeting 3

Student Executive Council - Meeting 3
The Executive Council is a body of representatives elected by students – the Chairs of Schools, Liberation, and Sabbatical Officers. It meets frequently to discuss matters affecting the University and the Union, and to hear proposals made by the student body to change or improve the way the University and Union operate, and the services they provide for students.
At its February meeting, the Council discussed various issues relating to equality, race, and diversity. Four Motions for Change were considered by the Council:
EC06 Equal Opportunities Policy: This motion instructed the SU to review, revise, and update its Equal Opportunities policy.
EC07 BAME Representation: There was a feeling that BAME representation in the University’s and Union’s media is lacking, so this motion calls for more diverse media, including specifically BAME students.
EC08 Diversity in the Library: This motion calls for changes to be made to the Library, to include distinctly minority authors and to make those authors more prominent.
EC09 Broad Curricula: Like EC08, this motion calls for more diverse curricula, so that the work of, and topics concerning, minorities are introduced and made more prominent within courses.
EC10 Learning Support Plans: LSPs exist to support students, and so this motion calls for the automatic circulation to teaching staff of students’ LSPs.
All these Motions for Change were considered and were agreed to.
At its March meeting, the Council turned its attention to the upcoming NUS conference. One of the roles of the Council is to consider the various motions the NUS will consider at its conference and suggest to the Union’s NUS delegates which way they should consider voting. A total of 76 motions and amendments were considered. A full list of the way the Council voted is found in the minutes of that meeting (LINK). The Council also considered motion EC05 Drug Use. This motion calls for a wholesale review of the University’s and Union’s response to drug misuse. The motion calls for greater support to be given to students who use drugs, and for the dangers of such use to be publicised across campus and in halls of residence. The motion was agreed to.
The Council will meet twice more before the end of the summer term to consider the remainder of the record-number of Motions for Change submitted this year. If you’d like to submit a motion, you can do so here (LINK). Please do be on the lookout on social media for the next Council meetings; the meetings are open to every student, so come along and see what Council does and, if you wish, contribute to the debate.