P-WD Blog | Stay Safe YSJ!

P-WD Blog | Stay Safe YSJ!

Published: 13th March 2018, 9:00am

The safety of you, our YSJ students, is our priority. We as a Union, and Presidential Team, reinforce student safety through various campaigns such as Don’t Drink and Drown, Plan Safe Drink Safe Home Safe and even our agreed partnership with Streamline Taxis who can accept your student ID as payment on a night out if you’re stranded and out of money (all you have to do is pay the next day!). Even though York has been voted the safest city in the North - it is still a city. Around this time of year when the days are shorter, we need to ensure our students are safe when walking around York at night.

We have a brilliant partnership with the local community officers who work within the Groves, Haxby Road, Huntington, Walmgate, and other student-heavy areas. We want to make sure you guys are as safe as possible, so please have a read below and follow our tips:

  1. Walk In Groups: Does your friend finish a lecture half an hour later than you? Wait for them; walk with them. Walking in groups follows the same concept of safety in numbers. Please refrain from walking on your own anywhere late at night. You should always be in groups of 3 or more - especially if you’re walking back from extra-curricular activities late at night!
  2. Avoid Dark Areas: Follow well-lit streets: York is lovely for having little streets and quaint courtyards, but they aren’t always well lit. Avoid them. Follow the main streets home - even if it takes you an extra 10 minutes. There is more activity on main streets - walk as a group down the main routes.
  3. Alarms at the SU: We’re going to be getting more free alarms for students who need them. We’ll let you know once the order has arrived and anyone can come in to collect them.
  4. Utilise Streamline: Like we’ve said, Streamline will get you home safely for free if you hand them your student ID. All you have to do is pay the day after! If you’re on your own and you have no friends to walk with, get a taxi.
  5. Self Defence Classes: If you’re still feeling worried, the WellU programme hosts Self-Defence classes on every Tuesday, 5-6pm in Theatre 3 (in the Quad on campus).

If you or someone you know ever encounters an incident in the local area, please contact 101 and report it to the police. The more they are aware of the situation, the more officers they will send down to the local areas. Also please contact us as well so we are aware and can provide any support necessary. Like I said, repeatedly, your safety is our priority.

Love, Annie x

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