P-WD Blog | Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe!

P-WD Blog | Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe!

It’s that time of year again! For the 4th year on the trot, the PLAN SAFE, DRINK SAFE, HOME SAFE CAMPAIGN will be running throughout Freshers Week!! This is a key time to reinforce those all important safety things that come with the fun side of “going out”!

So, WHAT’S ON? Here are a few of the things that we have going on as part of the campaign:

  • WALKING BUSES: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday – we will be running Walking Buses from the SU to the nightclubs! These will happen 2 times per night (10.30pm & 11pm), where our lovely volunteers will be wearing high vis jackets and leading the way to the club events! This is great as you guys don’t need to worry about the route, what time to leave or wasting phone charge by using google maps. Instead, you can rely on our bar staff to announce the walking buses 15 minutes before departure time! This means all you guys need to think about is enjoying yourselves, having a fab Freshers Week and chatting to your new friends!
  • NIGHTCLUB FOOD & WATER: Myself, George and Steph – along with more volunteers from various sports and societies - will be based near the entrances of the clubs (Monday: KUDA, Wednesday: FIBBERS & Friday: SALVATION) to give out bottled water, crisps and cereal bars! This is a good old reminder that EATING ISN’T CHEATING and we want to ensure our students stay safe whilst drinking alcohol. A bit of food and a drink of water will just make sure people aren’t getting too drunk. So come see us for snacks! You’ll see us in our branded t shirts so we’re easy to find!
  • FLAGGING: This is an initiative that has been previously been used to highlight and to raise awareness of spiking! It involves us popping straws in your drinks that have a flag attached saying ‘You could have been spiked’. We don’t have history of this being a huge issue at YSJ, however, we want to stress the importance of all students to be keeping an eye on their drinks at all times, not leaving drinks unattended etc. *Volunteers will be wearing branded Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe t-shirts, so it won’t look unsafe or dodgy at all!
  • WELFARE / EMERGENCY SERVICES DAY: Firstly, make sure you come to the SU on Thursday 14th September during Freshers, as they’ll be a Plan Safe, Drink Safe, Home Safe stand inside the building (hello more freebies!) As well as a beer goggle assault course out on the grass, can you master it?! I mean, hopefully not, because we are definitely trying to AVOID you getting to this stage of intoxication! Still, come over, pop the glasses on and have a go!
  • FREEBIES, FREEBIES AND MORE FREEEEEBIES: As you may have already guessed, we want to give out freebies that’ll benefit your wellbeing! Whether this be food and drink at nightclubs (as previously stated!) or… I will be giving out sexual health related freebies (free condoms!) and safety alarms, too. You’ll be left feeling even more safe and prepared!
  • GETTING ‘HOME SAFE’: We have a great partnership with Streamline Taxis. I’ll be giving out cards all week long with the taxi number on, so you’ll have the paper copy tucked in your clutch bag or pockets. However, I strongly advise you to pop the number into your phone contacts immediately (01904 656565) and then you always have it! I did this in my first few days at uni, and it’s still logged in my phone as my go-to taxi number in York. ALSO, rest assured you can always get home safe – even if you have NO money left at the end of the night. Simply hand in your student card and you’ll be able to get a prolonged payment period, where you can head to streamline taxis office the following day… and pay then! Reassuring right?! 
  • YORK IS A SAFE CITY: This is just a little final note that I like to harp on about, but it is true! You will find many stats online that say York is one of the safest cities in the UK – google it, and then show your parents...

There you have it! Hopefully this fills you guys with confidence that:

  1. You’re in good hands! We’ve thought a lot about how to make your experience SAFE and your wellbeing is always at the forefront of our minds.
  2. You just don’t need to worry. Even if there’s something I haven’t covered here, come and see me – students are the priority so I’ll do my best to help you out.
  3. Our events team have put on an INCREDIBLE Freshers line up, so embrace it (while being safe, obvs)
  4. You will have a great time! A lot of peoples’ feedback about Freshers revolves somewhat around it being “The best week of your life” – But don’t worry if you don’t feel that applies to you afterwards. Personally for me, my uni experience kept on getting better and better throughout the weeks, months, years…

That’s all from me for now…SEE YOU IN A COUPLE OF DAYS FOR FRESHERS WEEK 2017!!!

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