P-E Blog | My Impact Report!

P-E Blog | My Impact Report!

As semester 1 draws to a close, I wanted to throw out a little blog letting you know the progress I have made on the manifesto points you voted me in based on! 

If you would prefer to watch me talk about this instead of reading, you can watch it by clicking here, or you can coninue reading below...

Manifesto Point 1 - Academic Support & Tutors

  • My first manifesto point revolved around improving the Academic Tutor system as well as promoting the Academic Support sessions available to students at YSJ.
  • Currently the university is going through an Academic Tutor Review, as part of this I have ensured that reps and Chairs of Schools have been involved within the process, be it through the World Cafe Event or through giving online feedback via survey.
  • In addition to this, I have made it so that Academic Tutors were a focus for a week of Pres on Campus. This has helped me gain invaluable insight into your experiences of the Academic Tutor system within your school.
  • Myself and Annie (PWD) are planning on looking into Mental Health First Aid Kits and training tutors about noticing the signs of struggles with mental health.
  • Before the semester comes to an end I am planning on running a mini campaign about the changes to the 'Exceptional Circumstances' process so that students who need a deadline extension or special provision can be provided with as much support during the process.
  • I am also running a campaign alongside Annie at the start of 2nd Semester about Exam Support and Wellbeing around this stressful time.

Manifesto Point 2 - Resources & ILS

  • At the first Education Zone, ILS were invited to give a quick presentation to talk about the resources available and staff who are based within Fountains, primarily your Academic Liaison Librarians
  • They also discussed their 'work ready' scheme and the MoS Certification available to all students at YSJ (a scheme that I hope many of you will take up!)
  • I sit on the Digital Development Strategy Group and work on the strand based around improving Staff and Student Digital Literacy, by working with ILS and Academic Development Directorate (ADD) I am working to make sure that you are all tech-savvy by the time you finish your degree, whilst also making staff more tech-savvy too!
  • I am also working the wonderful Phil Vincent from TEL with the idea of Digital Ambassadors and helping staff to fully utilise Moodle and other online resources available - believe it or not but Moodle can be so much more than a giant dropbox!

Manifesto Point 3 - Feedback System

  • I've been updating you all about the changes and shake up to the Representative System throughout the year but to give you a brief overview I have moved rep elections to Week 3-5 within Semester 1 and also move training over the span of a month rather than rammed into the space of 2 days
  • These changes have resulted in quieter reps have had the chance to have their voices heard, we've had more reps than ever before alongside having more reps trained than previously.
  • I've been working with Course Based Societies to make sure that the feedback structure is engaging with as many students as possible, not just reps.

Manifesto Point 4 - Timetable & Study Space

  • The main focus of this manifesto point has been geared towards PG students as there are more PG students on campus than in previous years. To give a space for PG students, I have turned the SU Boardroom into a study space for this assignment season and once we are into the 2nd semester I am planning on turning it into a regular occurrence (with the help of SU staff and reps of course!)
  • You may have noticed that there were lots of people walking into classrooms and noting how many people were in the space, this Space utilisation project will ultimately help all of you as they'll help change the timetable system for the better while also turning unused space into something useful for you all as students!
  • Myself and the other presidents have meetings with Estates & ILS to make sure that everything is running smoothly for you all, including us working in partnership with Estates team to tackle a motion that was brought up at Student senate - the temperature of classrooms. I can reassure all of you shivering students that we are working as quickly as we can to bring a solution to you
  • Linking to any timetable issues, I have brought any timetabling problems that have been sent my way to university staff and there is a hope that all of these issues will be resolved in 2nd semester.

Manifesto Point 5 - Careers & Employability

  • I have been into lots of lectures with the Careers team to talk about transferable skills and the importance of personal branding online (like in LinkedIn)
  • Within the first Ed Zone, the Careers team did a brief talk about the HEAR accreditations students can achieve whilst at YSJ and how you can use them to your advantage when you go out looking for jobs
  • Linking to your future career, English Lit helped facilitate a talk about the impact and importance of Social Media and how you present yourself online - something that can seriously affect job prospects!
  • Linking to the Academic Tutor Pres on Campus, another week's focus was the Careers team and we received some very beneficial feedback!
  • At the beginning of the year, Careers hosted events such as the Part Time Jobs fair, the Volunteering fair, these events were super successful and it was great to see so many of you there!



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