P-WD Blog | WELCOME TO 2018!

P-WD Blog | WELCOME TO 2018!

Hey everyone!

Since it’s my first blog post of the year, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!! Welcome to 2018. January is traditionally a month of News Year’s Resolutions, and subsequently… not quite sticking to them. I’m aiming to change that for myself personally, which doesn’t mean I won’t have slip ups on certain things (E.g. skipping breakfast for a tiny bit of extra time in bed every so often or eating a big meal past 8pm and going to bed sooo full). Obviously being human comes with making mistakes and that’s fine, the part I’m trying to change is to learn that one mistake does not automatically mean I completely sack off the rest of the day/week/month/year/entire new year’s resolution!!! Get back on track because not all resolutions are destined for failure and apparently 44% of people find resolution success six months into the New Year!

A few good steps in the right direction:

  • Ask yourself WHY? Is this achievable? How will it benefit me and my life?
  • Create attainable goals. You’ll just feel rubbish if you end up setting overly ambitious targets for yourself to then not be able to meet them.
  • Write them down. This helps to instil them in your mind and recall/monitor your progress.
  • Let your friends and family know your goals. This helps with supporting you, they’ll be able to hold you accountable and check up on you!
  • Time management… One of my not-so-strong points! Rumour has it that trying to accomplish big things in just one day is pretty far-fetched and splitting tasks up into more manageable sections can be incredibly helpful (sounds like I should give it a go!)

See, there is a lot out there to support the notion of New Year’s resolutions – so with my positive attitude I am going to apply these points to my own resolutions! For those of you who have already half given up on your resolutions… We’re only half way through the first month. There is plenty of time to improve your year, and your life! Good luck to you aspiring people out there, and I hope you manage to achieve a goal yourself, however tiny it may be!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love and positivity,

Annie x

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