P-E Blog | So… What Now?

P-E Blog | So… What Now?

Recently one of my housemates had the stress of finishing and submitting his final research project for his degree. For myself (and probably many others) writing and submitting my dissertation/research project was literal hell. However it was all worth it and I can happily say that I will be graduating in November.


But since finishing my course there's been one nagging question that I get constantly asked - 'so... what now?'. I'm now proudly working for the SU but I still get asked this question on a regular basis - 'what are your plans for after this job?', 'where do you want to be in, like, 5 years’ time?', 'what are your career plans?' to list but a few examples.


I'm sure many of my coursemates will have been on the receiving end of these questions from both family and well-meaning friends. If it's any reassurance, I have no idea what I want to do but I'm hoping this year will help me gain a better understanding of what is possible.


For all you YSJ graduates who have managed to get a job - congratulations! For those who haven't fear not! Careers has an alumni section that will give you access to their services even though you're no longer a student. After being asked these questions consistently throughout my induction I ended up scrawling through all the available resources and ended up having an existential crisis. I was pulled out of this slump by one of my closest friends who sent me this gif:



Granted, I may have been pulled out of this mood by my love of the Rocky Horror Picture Show however, I like to think that it was because of the message it put across. Instead of imagining our dream careers we should all start to work towards achieving our goals - the world is your oyster! We are a talented bunch of individuals who will no doubt conquer the world so why not start the invasion now. Contact Careers, research what possible jobs are out there, take (another) gap year to reflect on the past 3 years, volunteer with overseas charities or ones closer to home, note down what you love and see if you can make something from your passion! 


The possibilities are endless and we, as a community of bright and talented graduates, will achieve amazing things - I'm sure of it!


Keep dreaming and I'll see you in November!’

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