P-E Blog | See you in two weeks!

P-E Blog | See you in two weeks!

Seeing as I'm going on my hollilols for 2 weeks (FYI I cannot WAIT!!). This week I thought I would use my blog post as a way to update you on all the work I'm doing.


So far I have had meetings with Careers to discuss their year ahead and to see if there are any areas the SU can collaborate with; helped the awesome Sports & Activities team (Matt W, Karl and Alice) with some aspects of the Sports & Socs Conference – make sure if you’re on a committee this coming year that you attend because it looks like it’ll be an amazing 2 days; planned out Chair of School inductions; helped students through Academic Appeals; had regular meetings with uni staff about different strategies and development groups in place at the university; myself, George and Annie have been planning out our campaign ideas for the year; I've been planning out some fun team-building games that will be played at the new staff inductions; and finally, I have looked into creating lovely-looking Academic Planners for you all with the wonderful Matt A.


So it's safe to say it's been quite a busy time - you can tell why I've been looking forward to my holiday so much!! Currently, my focus has been on our Representatives and Feedback system i.e. your Chairs of Schools, your course-level representatives, and us as your Presidents.

In order to shake up the previous systems, what were previously called 'Course Reps' are now being called 'Academic Reps'. This is to create a bit more flexibility within the role with the aim of gaining more feedback than ever before! As well as a change in name, Academic Rep training will also be a little bit different. In order to be more easily accessible, and to give more opportunities for new and returning reps to be trained, training sessions will be held across the month of October at various different times and places. But don't worry about attending all of them, you need only attend one! 


I'm also planning to switching up the training sessions themselves. I'm aiming to make them as fun and as interactive as possible! If any of you out there have any ideas of what you want to learn or achieve within these sessions then please let me know!

I'm planning on looking at the responsibilities and purpose of a rep, effective communication, collecting quality feedback, public speaking training, team-building games, meeting etiquette, and getting to know your Heads and Chairs of School! 

Discussions are also happening around what to give you wonderful reps. We're currently fixed on the idea of giving you lovely lot free t-shirts (as well as other cheeky incentives for doing amazing work!). I'm leaning towards giving you all Nando's vouchers when you get to a certain level of accreditation (a.k.a level of awesomeness) however if you can think of something better let us know!

Hope you’re all still having a great summer and I’ll chat to you all when I get back!

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