P-E Blog | Senate is coming!

P-E Blog | Senate is coming!

Coming up soon is a meeting of Student Senate. Unsure what Senate is? The Student Senate meets 3-4 times a year and is the most senior policy making body that directly involves students. The main focus of Senate is to create policies from ideas that have been submitted by YOU the students. Senate is also an opportunity where you can hold your elected officers to account.

Who sits on Senate?

The people who sit on Senate are elected throughout the year. In total there are 20 members on Senate made up from your Presidents, your Chairs of Schools, your Liberation Officers, and your Sports & Socs Senators. In addition to these people there is also a Leader of Senate.

How can you get involved?

Making a difference has never been easier! All you have to do is head over to SUggestions and submit a motion. This motion could be about anything - more water fountains on campus, more signs in braille, or more access to Haxby Road gym. The possibilities are endless.

Once you've submitted a motion through our site, you have to get 65 people to support your idea. After getting 65 supporters, your motion will be put forward to Senate where they will have a debate about your idea. 

If you want to see what ideas have already been put forward, head over to our SU website.

Everyone is welcome to attend Senate so see you there!

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