NUS Extra | Let it be your Valentine!

NUS Extra | Let it be your Valentine!

Published: 6th February 2018, 9:00am

Have you got your Valentine’s Day plans sorted yet? NUS Extra can help you out, so you can make a special day for a special someone – so your bank account doesn’t suffer. Here are some of our favourites, but there are loads more offers to choose from on the NUS Extra website!

Romantic dinners - the classic choice for Valentine’s Day plans won’t fail you now!

These first two can be used on the day of! Obviously they’re our favourites…

Pizza Express: 40% off food Monday and Tuesday, 20% off food Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Prezzo: 25% off food Sunday to Thursday – this one isn’t valid on Valentine’s Day after 6pm, so make sure you go for lunch! Then you’ll still have the rest of the day for more romance.

…But if you want to do an early dinner date, then these offers are well worth using too!

ASK Italian: 40% off food Monday and Tuesday, 25% off food Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Zizzi: 30% off food Sunday to Thursday

All of these offers are also valid for up to at least 4 people, so who’s up for a double date? Or even a triple? Hey, just have a big group friend date!

Co-op: 10% off your food shop - go the extra mile and cook it yourself! This one’s a guaranteed winner!

There are plenty more offers around York for a romantic dinner date, so have a look around for your favourite! But some, like our favourites here, are only available with NUS Extra, so if you don’t have one then get yourself signed up!

A romantic getaway, perhaps? Just not when you’ve got uni work to be doing instead!

Cross Country Trains: 10% off advance tickets with their app – AND this one can be used ON TOP OF your 16-25 Railcard discount!

TransPennine Express Trains: 25% off tickets with their website – you can only use discount here, but if you don’t have a railcard, then this is the one for you!

16-25 Railcards: 12% off a 1 year 16-25 Railcard, or buy a 3 year one for just £70 instead of £90 – if you’re a big traveller then this makes its money back almost straight away!

You can find even more deals on travel options and accommodation, even special package holidays for those who want a big treat, on the NUS website too!

Gifts! Don’t forget a gift!

Don’t forget to log into the NUS website to get discount codes, and even more offers than what we’ve got here! Now there’s no reason for not finding the perfect gift.

Joules: 15% off online and in store

Kanken: 15% off AND free delivery online.

New Look: 20% off – also available on some sale items too, so even more savings!

Oasis: 10% off online and in store

IWOOT: 10% off online – for gifts that are a little bit different.

Firebox: 10% of that super quirky gift for that super special someone

Amazon Prime Student: Free 6 month trial, then half price Amazon Prime (£39 a year) – this is just about the most unromantic gift you could get for someone else, but a gift from me to me would be perfect! Save on delivery for Valentine’s Day as well as any other occasions, anniversaries, and birthdays – and you don’t need to worry about last minute gifts any more either!

If you want more info, or want to buy yourself a NUS Extra card so you can access all these fantastic discounts and many more, head to our info point or online now

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