NUS Extra | Be generous for less!

NUS Extra | Be generous for less!


Christmas is well and truly upon us, which means it’s time to decide what type of shopper you are going to be this year…

Are you going to be ‘little Mr/Miss Organised’, in which case you probably have the whole thing sorted already, or ‘the last minute panicker’, running around like crazy on Christmas Eve grabbing just about anything you can find! Are you going to be ‘the scrooge’, that person who remembers exactly how much the other person spent on you last year and reciprocate, or ‘the all outer’, that person who has clearly gone on a mass spree and now has a huge overdraft!

One thing is for sure, no matter who you are, or what your style is, cost will always be a factor, and it causes us to become ‘the handmade’ one, ‘the recycler’ or more often than not ‘the worrier’.

Christmas really shouldn’t be a time where you spend the whole run up worrying about affording gifts for your loved ones, or even plunging even further into your overdraft in order to do so…

So, how can you change all that?! Pull out your old friend the NUS Extra card!

Offering a huge amount of deals on a whole host of potential gifts, they really could be your best friend this festive season. Here are a few of our top 5 personal favourites:

50% off Men’s Shave, Beard & Skincare with Grüum

We all have someone in our life who is rocking the unshaven luck, and if they do, they are definitely going to appreciate something to keep things groomed! With 50% off, why not grab some ergonomically designed razors, shave gel, beard oils and waxes!

20% off at ASOS

We really don’t need to say much more about this one! Pick up just about anything fashion wise for just about anyone with a juicy 20% off!

80% off at

Everyone loves a personalised gift, and for £1.99, which is a massive 80% off, you could grab a Digi Photo Album, which is perfect to send to family members far and wide to show them what you have been up to for less!

25% off at Myprotein

We all have that one fitness fanatic in our family, you will know who it is, because they will have told you! Why not supply them with a whole host of gains with a tasty 25% off!

25% off Student Ticket Prices at ODEON

If you are one of the lucky people who live near an Odeon Cinema, why not take a loved one to see one of this year’s festive blockbusters, with a healthy 25% off tickets! Star Wars, Jumanji 2 & Pitch Perfect 3 are all up for grabs, so there is plenty to enjoy!

If you want more info, or want to buy yourself a NUS Extra card so you can access all these fantastic discounts and many more, head to our info point or online now!

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