NUS Extra | Your FAQ’s answered!

NUS Extra | Your FAQ’s answered!

Do you get the most out of your NUS Extra card? Here we’ll be answering a few frequently asked questions to help you get spending – and saving – better!

First and foremost: how do I find out about discounts?

A lot of places will advertise their student discounts in-house or on their websites, but the definitive list of all NUS Extra discounts – even special limited time offers – are on the NUS website. Go to the NUS website and log in to see all your choices, and then choose the “view this discount” button for the specifics. Then, once you know what you’ll be shopping for, choose the “access this offer” button, and away you go!

But before that, how do I access my account to begin with?

If you ordered your card online, then all you need to log into the NUS website is the email address you used to order it and the password you set up. If you ordered your card by post, or got it through your place of study, then you should have been sent an email automatically with a password for your account – use these details for now, then you can change anything you like once you’re logged in.

Now I’m all sorted with my account and my card, how long can I use it for?

Your card will expire either 12, 24, or 36 months after the date of purchase, depending on what card you chose. If you got a free one when you came to uni, this is usually a 12 month card, but all your start and end dates should be written on the card, so it’s easy to check.

So do I need to renew my card?

Renewing your card is really easy and really worth it to carry on getting all those discounts! All you need to do is go to the NUS website, and follow the links to “NUS Extra” and then “Buy a Card”. You’ll now have the option to buy or renew your card, and if you’re still studying in the same place (i.e. YSJ) then you can go ahead and renew. You’ll have to log into the YSJ portal to verify this (using your YSJ email and password, not NUS), and then follow the steps to choose how many years you want to renew your card for, and follow the next simple steps. You can even choose to have your new card delivered to YSJ for free, so you’ve got to spend as well as more to save!

I should get a free NUS Extra card with my Lloyds banks account – how do I get it?

If you have a student bank account with Lloyds or Bank of Scotland, then providing you’re eligible for a card (in full time Further or Higher education), then you should get an automatic email and SMS with you unique code to access your card. When it comes to renewing, if you still have the bank account, and got your first card by 31st December, then you’ll get another automatic email to remind you to renew.

What is ISIC?

You might have a logo for ISIC on your 1 year NUS Extra card, which means it doubles as an International Student Discount Card completely for free! With this, you’re entitled to access over 42,000 discounts in 130 countries worldwide! Holiday anyone?

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your NUS Extra card, replacements are £5 so take good care of it! Whether you ordered your card online, or got it printed from the SU, you can replace it online from the NUS website. If your card was stolen you can get a free replacement and the process is completely the same. You have to have reported it to the police and gotten a crime reference number though, so you should probably make sure it’s actually been stolen and not just down the back of the sofa!


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