Meet the Society Chair | Singing!

Meet the Society Chair | Singing!

Have you enjoyed hearing from our Society Chairs in our blog post series? Next up is Lauren Nelson – Chair of Singing Society.


Society: Singing Society

Name: Lauren Nelson

Course: Biomedical Science 

Year of Study: Year 3


Why did you join Singing Society?

I joined Singing Society because it was an opportunity to build my confidence in performing whilst making new friends and doing what we love! There was no previous vocal experience needed, anybody could join and the committee was so welcoming which made me feel comfortable. It has been so great to meet new people and become more engaged with the students union by attending other clubs and society charity events, representing YSJ in the community and being more socially involved.


What has Singing Society got in store for this year?

This year Singing Society is aiming to host our own end of term show, as during the previous couple of years we have only been involved in other club/society showcasing events and never put on our own! We are also trying to vary the sessions to cover a wider variety of genres, to meet the individual needs of members, whether that be pop music mashups, acoustic blues, musical originals, soul or swing! Furthermore, we are hoping to continue with busking at the York Christmas Markets to support our chosen charity due to its success last year! 


Why should students join Singing Society this year?

Singing Society is available to ANYONE and EVERYONE - you don't even need to be any good at it, it’s about having a laugh and enjoying music! It’s also a good release from studying, especially at stressful exam times!


Best memory from being a member of Singing Society?

There's too many!! I think my favourite memory was singing Christmas Songs at the Christmas markets with lots of hot chocolate!! We raised so much money and so many people stopped just to listen and applause us, it was great for the society and such a festive feel!!


If you had to join another Club / Society which would you choose?

I would definitely join badminton! So many of my friends are part of the club already, and have so much fun! They are always supporting other clubs and putting on amazing socials and events!


Things First Years Should Bring to University?

Photos of family and friends & Fairy Lights


Top tip for First Years coming to study at York St John University?

Make the most of every single opportunity that you come across! Even if it's as small as going for a drink with a few friends, or as big as becoming a committee member at your club/society - get yourself involved and make it count!

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