Meet The Club Captain | Cheerleading!

Meet The Club Captain | Cheerleading!

Fancy joining a Sports Club at York St John? Our Club Captains are here to tell you why to join their Club! Next up, Nancy Fitzsimons – Club Captain of Cheerleading!


Club: Cheerleading

Name: Nancy Fitzsimons

Course: Media

Year of Study: 3


Why did you join Cheerleading?

I joined Cheerleading in my first year because my flatmate dragged me along to try-outs, I wasn't convinced it would be my thing at all but it was the best decision I've made since being at YSJ.


What has Cheerleading got in store for this year?

We've got a lot of very exciting things coming up this year including some brand new fundraising and volunteering ideas. We're also planning on going on tour again back to Croatia, which will be amazing. And finally, we have a brand new competitive kit for 17/18 which our committee have be working hard at designing over the summer!


Why should students join Cheerleading this year?

Because Cheerleading is the best club...jokes, but we were Club of the Year 16/17. But seriously, without sounding cliché YSJ Kats is like one big family. I've made my friends for life over the past three years on the team and had some of the most amazing memories. To competing at some of the UK's biggest Cheerleading and Dance competitions, and dressing like idiots in some of our sober and not so sober socials, to carol singing in the streets of York at Christmas, you'll have the time of your life!


Best memory from being a member of Cheerleading?

I have sooooo many amazing memories, it’s so difficult. I'm going to say two. The first one was turning 20 at midnight on our last night of tour in Croatia in April 2016, having all my team and other sports teams from different universities sing Happy Birthday was so amazing...the hangover not so much.

My second favourite memory was in our most recent competition BCA when we placed third in University Nationals, the highest YSJ Kats have ever placed at such a pristine competition, it felt absolutely amazing! 


If you had to join another Club / Society which would you choose?

I've always been so interested in joining the Radio Society because I used to want to be a radio presenter, the idea that I'd get paid to talk was what appealed to me the most but I'm sure it's a lot more difficult than that.


3 Things First Years Should Bring to University?

  1. A pack of cards - because everyone loves a game of Ring of Fire in Fresher's week.  
  2. Some printed photographs to stick on your bedroom wall - this makes it feel more like your own and helps when you feel a bit homesick.
  3. Paracetamol - for the hangovers! 

Top tip for First Years coming to study at York St John University?

Take every single opportunity that comes to you and throw yourself into everything, you might not think you're going to like it but you never know unless you try. Also make the effort to speak to and be friendly with everyone you can, making connections with flatmates, course friends and the SU will help you massively throughout your three years at YSJ. Don't put things off; these next three years will fly by.

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