Meet The Club Captain | Badminton

Meet The Club Captain | Badminton

Next up in our Meet the Club Captain series is Jamie Perrenoud – the Club Captain of Badminton!


Club: Badminton

Name: Jamie Perrenoud

Course: PE & Youth Sport

Year of Study: 2nd Year


Why did you join Badminton?

I was very hesitant and didn't know what club to join at the start of first year, and during the first two weeks all the members of Badminton were really welcoming and made me want to join, turns out it was the best decision I made! 


What has Badminton got in store for this year?

We are a growing and very passionate club, not only for our competitive matches but also for our socials. We're expecting to achieve great things and make our club a bigger and better family!


Why should students join Badminton this year?

What's great about this club is that you don't have to be a good player to be part of the club; we want people to join and enjoy the experience of being part of a club and having the choice to play socially or competitively on a weekly basis! Badminton was the reason why my first year was so great!


Best memory from being a member of Badminton?

Other than the feeling of winning games and doing well in the league, one of my best memories was the awards night at the end of the year sports meal! We all dressed smart and enjoyed partying with all the other clubs! YSJ is a big family!


If you had to join another Club / Society which would you choose?

If I had to join another club I think I'd join Volleyball, I'm not very good at it but the people who are part of the club are awesome! If I had to choose a society, I'd probably choose Singing Society because my voice is awful, but I want to develop a new skill! 


3 Things First Years Should Bring to University?

  1. Your skills
  2. Your best fancy dress
  3. Paracetamol

Top tip for First Years coming to study at York St John University?

My best advice would be to definitely get involved with Clubs, Societies or even both! I wasn't aware before I started uni, but often that's where you make your best friends and it's a nice break from studying! Taking part in SU events is also a fantastic part of the Uni experience!

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