P-E Blog | Lecturer of the Month - December

P-E Blog | Lecturer of the Month - December

Published: 13th December 2017, 1:00pm

This month has again been hotly contested however an overwhelming amount of positive feedback has been sent our way regarding a certain group of individuals who assist their students in an amazingly supportive way. This group of individuals are often forgotten and called the unsung heroes of the School of Art, Design and Computer Science: they are the technicians of ADC.

Students described their technicians in a multitude of ways:

'They are kind enough to message me even when they are off sick, to let me know that they weren't going to be in but also to give me advice on all the work I was currently doing!'

'Even though they have days off, they still make themselves available to help with preparation for the interim show.'

'They helped me once by driving me all the way to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to go and pick up and move some metal back to my studio space.'

'They're all so lovely! For example the other day one gave me copies of their books from home as it would help me delve deeper into my topic for my dissertation - that's a prime example of them going above and beyond as staff members!'

'They are incredible and always know what work you're doing and how you can make it better. They go out of their way to help you actualise your idea and make sure that everything goes to plan. In addition to this, they help you think of different processes you could use for your work to make it the best it can be.'

So congratulations to:

  • Kimberley Bennett
  • Paul Spillett
  • Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller
  • Penny Whitworth
  • Clare Sunley
  • Abby Woolsey
  • Carl Hetherington
  • Simon Coulson
  • Aidan Lucas
  • Rob Oldfield
  • Rich Jacobs
  • Matthew Baxter
  • Sophia Pearson
  • Jen Todman

For all the phenomenal work you do for the students in your school!

If a representative from this team pops by the Students' Union I will happily hand over your prize (copious amounts of wine!).

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