Jamie’s November Update

Jamie’s November Update

So it’s that time of the month again and for the penultimate time in 2021 here’s a brief update of what I’ve been working on in what has been an incredibly busy November.

1/ Creative Centre

I’ve been a member of the Creative Centre Project Steering Group for the past 16 months and I’m delighted that it’s finally open for student usage! Some of you will have already begun having lectures and workshops in the building and hopefully, you’re as happy with the building as we are. The auditorium is now finished as well so I’m excited to see it utilised to its full potential.

2/ Graduation

Alongside Chris and Aimée, I took part in the November graduation ceremonies, acting as a mace bearer for several of the ceremonies and finally getting to celebrate my graduation, which was incredible. After the uncertainty of the last 18 months, I am delighted that we were finally able to celebrate our students’ successes and I will be continuing my work with the Graduation Working Party to organise the February 2022 celebrations.

3/ Space Allocation

I’ve been working with the University Chief Operating Officer to ensure that our sports clubs aren’t disadvantaged by the proposed changes to Foss Sports Hall. Foss is set to become a new centre for the University proposed Allied Health Services courses and I’m keen to ensure that this does not affect our sports clubs either logistically or financially. I’ll keep you all updated as this progresses.

4/ Activity Zone

Following on my previous point, I hosted a zone for our sports and society members centred around the suitability of spaces and facilities that were allocated for their activity. The data collected will be used to help identify where changes might be necessary, and I’ll present it to the University Executive Board. With the opening of the Creative Centre, we’re hopeful that the pressure on existing University spaces will be eased, allowing for more allocation to our members.

5/ Remembrance Service

Alongside the Vice-Chancellor, I was invited by the Lord Mayor of York to take part in the Civic Procession for the City of York Remembrance Parade and to lay a wreath on behalf of the Students’ Union and the Students of York St. John. It was good for us to be involved by the City Council as it shows we are a valued part of the wider York Community.

6/ Student Safety

In support of the President of Wellbeing & Diversity’s work around the anti-spiking campaign, I’ve worked with our night-time events partner Illuminati Events to raise student concerns directly. Chris and I also met with a Community Inspector from North Yorkshire Police to plan how the work we do at the Students’ Union can inform Police data to ensure that they’re aware of areas of increased concern. We’ve created a form on our website designed to allow students to report any incidents or concerns relating to areas of the city and this will feed into wider databases to help inform the Police and the Council of issues that students are experiencing.

7/ By-Election Results

We recently held our by-election to elect part-time officers to the positions left vacant from our last election cycle in February 2021. We successfully elected students to the positions of, Mature Officer, Post-Graduate Officer, Disabled Students Officer, Chair of School Education Language and Philosophy, Chair of School Humanities. This increases our democratic portfolio ahead of the next cycle of main elections in February 2022. Congratulations to all those elected and welcome to the team!

8/ Sports Strategy Group

This month we’re starting up the sport strategy working group once again. This is a collaborative group across the University, the Students’ Union, and YSJ Active, designed to ensure that all sporting activity across the University benefits all parties. This looks at things like timing allocations and space allocations to make sure that everyone is content with how activities are run and administrated. I’ll keep you all up to date as the group progresses.

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