Jamie’s Highlights

Jamie’s Highlights

So, with this being my final update of my first term as your SU President we thought it would be good to share some highlights from what has been a very interesting (funny way of saying challenging) first year.

Safety Net:

Now this one is probably the big one. With the increase in COVID restrictions back in January, it became incredibly evident that we needed to ensure that we protected our students’ success. We worked incredibly hard alongside the University to ensure the safety net worked for everyone. I was so proud of what we managed to achieve and the positive impact it had on the students.

Rent Rebates:

As with the Safety Net, the push for the rent rebates came about in January with many students told not to return to university due to the 3rd lockdown. We wanted to ensure that students weren’t out of pocket for University Owned Housing that they couldn’t access. The policy was pushed out quite quickly and I’m so happy that we were able to get money back into our students’ pockets.


After the pandemic put a pause on graduation, I wanted to ensure that the students who were impacted by COVID didn’t miss out on their celebrations. Also, one of my manifesto points was centred around making graduation accessible by removing the fees associated with it so all students can graduate not just those who can afford it. I’ve worked extensively with the Graduation Working Group this year to make sure that graduation goes ahead, and I’m delighted that we’ve not only secured provisional dates in the Minster for our 2020 & 2021 cohorts but also that the charge for guest tickets has been removed meaning that’s one less thing to pay for.

Welcome Week:

Now this year has clearly been very different for many reasons, and fresher’s week was the same. We had to adapt and make changes to allow us to open for students in line with COVID restrictions, but it was so nice to students in the SU bar and in the pop-up gazebo enjoying the stuff we’d planned. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to open the bar, so this is a really fond memory.

Boys Don’t Cry:

This is quite a personal one but back in November for Men’s Mental Health Month, I launched the Boys Don’t Cry podcast with the aim of helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health for men. The podcast has been going really well and we received

some really positive feedback from both students and non-students. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and I can’t wait to see what else we can do with it.

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