Housing Week

Housing Week

YSJSU is hosting all things housing-related;

make sure you come along to our two events that are being hosted in the SU THIS week.

Find a Housemate- Thursday 4 pm 

Housing Fair- Friday from 10 am - 2 pm

For more info on the events check out our social page

Start looking as early as possible:

The student housing market in York is very competitive and houses get snapped up quickly, if you want to secure a house with a good location close to campus make sure you start looking early – some houses even start going as early as November! When I first began looking for a private house in my first year, we didn’t sign until February and we were stuck with a house a long way away from campus – we got our steps in but it wasn’t as convenient as it could have been!

Enquire about the reputations of landlords and letting agencies:

Whilst I have been lucky to never have issues with the landlords I’ve used, some have questionable reputations. It is always better to be safe and ask around about students’ experiences with said landlords/letting agencies. You could reach out to current tenants, ask in Facebook groups or search online.

Have a good think about your potential future housemates:

Living with new people is a massive commitment and a huge risk, whilst you will most likely be fine and have good experiences with your future housemates, it’s always good to have a long think about who you will be living with. Ask yourself ‘will they be tidy?’, ‘will they contribute their fair share around the house?’ and so on. A year is a long time to be stuck with bad housemates!

Do your research into bills:

If you were staying in halls during your first year of study, you would have most likely not had to think about paying bills as they will have been included in the rent. This may not be the case with private housing, with tenants expected to sort out bills such as gas, electric, water, and WiFi, paying these in addition to the rent. Do your research before signing any contract and compare prices to make sure you are getting the best deals. Make sure you get the fastest WiFi you can afford, if there are 4 of you in the house all on an online lecture or streaming Netflix and it starts to buffer it can lead to a few arguments!

Read your contract thoroughly:

I know this seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many students (myself included!) don’t read through the small print and get stung during or after their contract expires. From my own experience, I did not read through the small print in my 2nd and didn’t realise that a significant chunk of my deposit would be taken for ‘cleaning fees’ regardless of the state the house was left in. It might be a boring task but it’s well worth setting aside an hour of your time to read through the contracts and forms thoroughly to save yourself a lot of trouble down the line.

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