Student Blog | Tips & Advice on Homesickness

Student Blog | Tips & Advice on Homesickness

Moving out of your parents’ house and into university halls is probably the biggest, most exciting- if not most nerve racking- experience any young adult will go through in their lifetime, made even harder if your new home is far away from your old one.

The new-found independence that you suddenly find yourself thrown into IS daunting, with responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking and doing laundry for yourself being things that maybe you have never had to think about before. It’s all very scary, but that’s okay! High school and College were much smaller than university, but the diversity and size of university allows you to meet a range of fellow students of all ages, coming from all different backgrounds and experiences.

So, believe me when I tell you “You are not alone”! That’s right, you are not alone in this experience! So, let me give you a few tips which I found useful when moving to University which I hope will help you:

  • Preparation: I found that organising myself early on, buying everything I needed to buy for my new accommodation, and packing things up as early as possible helped give me more time to come to terms with the idea of leaving home. After spending less time worrying and more time packing, the idea of university started becoming less scary and more exciting!
  • Communication: the good thing about moving to university in the 21st century is we can use platforms such as Facebook to connect with people before we have even moved into halls! I joined several Facebook groups centred around Fresher’s for my year. In doing this I connected with several people on my course, and even found my flatmates for the coming year allowing me to chat and get to know them before starting my first year. This then meant then when I moved to university, I wasn’t on my own and I had people to spend my time with to distract me from the homesickness I was feeling. In doing this, I could also help them too!
  • Societies: Without a doubt, the one thing which helped me overcome Fresher’s week nerves (which for me was the most difficult week of moving) was joining a society I was interested in. For me, this was the Christian Union. They held events everyday throughout the week helping to keep me occupied, and allowing me to meet new people who had already been through homesickness before; they supported me through the process wonderfully. I also met other people in my year who have now become close friends of mine. Some of the friends I have made since being at university have also said that joining a society helped them to feel more involved in university life, and less like an outsider, so it is worth considering!

Despite all this, I know that homesickness is a very real and very horrible feeling, but you must remember that it will pass! There are always people at university to support you through your settling in period. There are workshops and numbers you can contact if you really are struggling, and take comfort in knowing that family are only a phone call away. Be proud that you are taking this new path, and know that it is the beginning of the best three years of your life! 

Elizabeth Powell
2nd Year Christian Theology Student

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