CoS | Chair of HRP

CoS | Chair of HRP

Published: 27th November 2018, 3:00pm

Hi guys!
We are now in the lead up to Christmas which excites me greatly. As friends know I have been blasting Christmas music since September (apologies) so this is definitely my kinda season. With it being the Christmas period however, that means a lot of deadlines, so I hope students are getting on with these nicely and taking well deserved breaks too.
This month has been the month of zones, planning and meet-ups with staff to work on improving Humanities for students. The month started with an Education Zone which around 15 Humanities Reps came to, a great turn out! We had a discussion about transitions to university and timetabling, and it was great to receive so much feedback off my reps.
I’ve also met up with Charlie Carr in the SU (Academic Support Staff) for planning, and Alice Bolton too. I recently met with Steph Foxton about projects for the year, and the SU have just run the ‘Know Your Rep’ campaign which Humanities students absolutely smashed, and most got the answer right!
This month I met with the Head of School and Deputy Head of School, Richard Bourne and Liesl King to discuss plans for the academic year and advice on how to make changes. I also attended student council training which was nice as all other part-time officers were there, and it was good to meet the newly elected Liberation Officers. In other news, I have most recently gained a place on the University Learning and Teaching Panel, so that is useful to be involved with.
I hope everyone has had a fab November and is keeping themselves well looked after – hoping for not many library all-nighters, and that you all enjoy the end of the semester.
Jenny x


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