Freshers 18 | Grab Your Pass Now!

Freshers 18 | Grab Your Pass Now!

Published: 22nd August 2018, 2:30pm

A new academic year is about to begin which means that freshers 2018 is nearly here! Make sure you’re fully prepared and know what we have planned for you by following our Facebook page. The Freshers pass is available to purchase online for only £20, but make sure you get yours fast as there is only a limited number available.

 The pass can gain you access to the following events which are worth nearly £200:

  • £1 a Pint Karaoke entry for the first semester - worth £22.00!
  • Queue Jump and guest list all year round for all weekly official club nights at YSJ – worth over £150 for the year
  • Priority Entry to all Freshers Events
  • Early Entry to Archie’s Day events

So what are you waiting for, head online now and grab yours before they sell out!

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