CoS Report | Sport

CoS Report | Sport


  • Elected Academic Reps – 26 in total
  • Attended all 3 zones – valuable feedback gained from Ed Zone which suggested that most things were going well within the school which was very positive and encouraging, passed onto head of school for lecturers to keep it up!
  • Attended a ‘What to expect at University?’ workshop led by ILS to engage with other students from a variety of schools and offer tips / advice about how best to approach the jump to UNI.
  • Currently working with some third year students and relevant lecturers to organise an end of year sports ball which is something they are keen to introduce as other schools/courses have them annually but it is something we have never done. (Something slightly different!)
  • Have been actively involved in looking at mid-module evaluation and how we can implement changes to respond to feedback and encourage maintenance of areas of achievement.
  • Planned programme panel meeting with myself, head of school, subject directors and 6 academic representatives. Discussing what direction we want this year to go in and what we want to achieve, also identifying a strategy we want to put in place in how we are going to pass feedback and information quickly across the whole school. A recent e.g. would be that student’s feedback suggested that their studies are being impacted by lecturers having time off and no cover being provided in their absence. I took this to the head of school and since, extra sessions have been put on to replace the contact hours lost – but how do we actually get this information to students that we are actively responding to feedback and not just doing nothing about it? Can we use Forums? // Moodle? This will be discussed tomorrow to figure out the best method to be implemented into the school for the foreseeable future.

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