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Published: 5th March 2019, 2:00pm

I hope you are all having an enjoyable semester two and were happy with your semester 1 results!

It has been a while since I last wrote a post so I will highlight the past key meetings and events that have happened.


Fortunately, we spent a short amount of time at University in December which didn’t allow for much to happen in terms of meetings or events.

  • Battle of the schools
    • This was an event in collaboration with Enterprise where the winner would be in with the chance of winning a paid summer internship. It was a great opportunity to get to know one another and to eat free food!


Even though, January was a relatively short month for me as I had no exams in my timetable. I had the opportunity to hold lots of valuable meetings with:  

  • SQP Panel
    • The School Quality Panel does what it says on the tin. The SQP makes sure that the School are giving students the best possible support, information and prospects. The meeting was very positive and for those wishing to stay at York St John for a Masters there will be an exciting new opportunity for you which will be revealed soon!
  • Marketing and SU executive meeting
    • Before the new logo was rolled out the chairs of school met with the Marketing team of the University, alongside the SU board. This meeting was to ensure that we bought to light all the comments, both negative and positive, from students within our respective schools. Hopefully they took our comments on board and we’ll see the university logo and branding evolve from now on!
  • Learning & Teaching leads lunch
    • This event was catered for all Chairs of School, Academic Liaison officers (for our school they are Jane Monks & Rachel Hogg) and the learning and teaching team (Jack Denham). A HUGE thank you to Rachel Hogg for working so closely to Kathryn Dutton and making the Specialist Law section of the Learning Centre a reality which all students can use! And also thank you to Jane Monks for offering tutorials for students to check referencing and writing style, it is definitely a needed support In third year!


This month seems to have gone so quickly but also has seemed soooooooooo long. But here are the main things that have happened:

  • PASS
    • Robert Vaughan has kindly started the PASS initiative. PASS is peer assisted study sessions – even though these sessions are only an hour long every two weeks, and they assist 1st and 2nd year student’s revision of lectures and also enables them to practice their study skills for their exams and assessments. It is a great initiative and I really hope that it will be made available to all the subjects of the School within the years to come.
  • Psychology Fair
    • Thank you so much to Paige Davis for organising a specialised Psychology Career Fair! All comments I have heard about this event have been positive, especially for third years who are still struggling to think about the future. If this event does happen next year, I would recommend all years attend, it is so beneficial and productive, plus you get free food and drinks!
  • Council Meeting
    • The most important point that came out of this meeting was the need to decolonise the curriculum and the library. Increasing diversity within the Curriculum and the University is VITAL to facilitate the inclusion of ALL students and to CELEBRATE the diversity within the University which has often been neglected and it’s time for a long-needed change!

Additional Information

With the end of LGBTQ+ History Month there has been a few changes around the University, especially the addition of books by Ruth Pearce & Ben Vincent about Trans Health, which can be found in the Library.

Also, I would like to CONGRATULATE the New chair of school: Hannah Jeffries! I can’t wait to work with Hannah over the next few months to prepare her for the position of Chair, I hope she enjoys it as much as I have and that she will gain so much experience from this role!

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