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Cos Blog | HRP

Published: 1st March 2019, 10:00am

Hi everyone – I’m back with another monthly blog to keep you updated on what I am doing as Chair. This month has mainly been a lot of meetings, but it is a privilege to get invited along and be able to represent the student voice. In the post I will explain a little bit about all the ones I’ve been to.

First of all, I’ll start with the Education Zone – this is a great way of interacting with reps and I find the Ed Zone is fab for gaining feedback. I also hosted an Academic Rep drop in for 2 hours, in which I ate a lot of the pastries and coffees available, whoops! The Rep drop in meant that people could come and discuss any problems they had and highlight any issues that needed flagging up. I found both very useful.

SU wise we recently had the Executive Council, in which we vote on bylaws and policies for the Students Union. A lot of the Chairs, Liberation Officers and Sabbatical Officers could attend the Executive Council, and it was really good to have all of us engaging together in one place, discussing what we are up to and what we are hoping to change.

Another meeting I’ve attended was the Humanities Student Enhancement and Engagement Committee. I was kindly invited along to this, and really enjoyed being able to add a student voice and perspective to the panel. I was also the student representative on the Humanities School Quality Panel. Finally, I attended the Learning and Teaching Lunch in which we got a talk from the Academic Liaison Librarians too, these are useful for keeping us in the loop about what is occurring in the library services. If anyone wants more details about these panels please bob me an email, I won’t start explaining the details in the blog post!!

I recently met with Richard and Liesl too, just to have a catch up on changes in the department and how I was getting on, we discussed the National Student Survey (NSS) which 3rd years really need to get on board with filling in – as it is really important to get your voice heard!

In other news, as a lot of you probably saw I successfully ran in the elections to be the Students Union President of Education for 2019/20 I am so pleased to have been given this opportunity, and cannot wait to extend my work on from being the Chair of Humanities, to a President. I had a fab campaign week and got to meet a lot of lovely people. Also, congratulations to Holly Hinchley, for successfully being nominated to be the next Chair of Humanities. It is sad to be passing the role on but I am certain she will do a brilliant job!

See, I told you all before hand it was a lot of blabber about meetings in the blog post – but at least I have explained to you all what I’m up to, to keep you in the loop of Humanities (that’s if you’re still reading by this point). Any queries don’t forget to bob me an email or come chat to me as I’m popping around the library, and good luck in your studies!



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