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CoS Blog | Chair of School of Sport

Published: 28th November 2018, 1:57pm

Ed Zone
The first Education Zone of the year took place this month and was a huge success. The main topics of discussion were focussed on 1) Transitions (from 6th form-university, from first year-second year and from second year-third year) 2) Timetabling issues. Lots of useful feedback was discussed in this session and all conversation was collated and typed up and will be reviewed continuously throughout the year. Other than myself only 2 people attended from the School of Sport. Neither of these individuals were academic reps but despite this we were able to engage in some really useful conversations. I would love to see more faces from the school of sport attending all zones regularly and not just the activities zone! But I guess I will take it as good news that no-one needed to raise any pressing issues! The next Education zone is 30th November so keep your eyes peeled.
Student Council and Induction
At the start of November, we had an initial student council meeting which mainly consisted of welcomes and introductions, so everybody got to know each other. The student council is made up of your three presidents, your chairs of schools (me) and the part time liberation officers. Together as a council, we meet three times a year and basically discuss motions put forward by students to decide whether they should become university policy or not.  Members of the council will then report back to the student body what has been successful or not. The first official meeting then took place mid-November and was very successful with various new motions being accepted as new University policy. All minutes of this meeting can be found
YSJ Re-Branding
As a University it has been decided that it is time for a change in terms of the branding, values and logos which represent YSJ. This month I attended an initial discussion with University Staff who have been working on the rebranding. The discussion was their first opportunity to receive student feedback and explain the thought process behind their ideas. However, they now want to increase the scope of feedback received and are therefore taking this out to the wider student population…YOU! Any changes which are decided on will be implemented in the new year and will therefore directly affect every single one of us as students at YSJ. It is therefore essential for you to get down to the student consultation workshop to have your voice heard which will be taking place on Tuesday 27th November @ 16:30pm in DG/017.
Don’t Drink and Drown
Coming up next month from Monday 3rd- Friday 7th December is Don’t Drink and Drown awareness week. In support of this, your president of wellbeing and diversity, Olivia, is running a campaign including an awareness video which will go out to students during the week to raise the profile and demonstrate the unfortunate reality of how dangerous our rivers can be. This month I got involved with the project by helping out with the filming for the video which will be released during the awareness week. Approximately 60 students die each year from drowning in the river. The video aims to represent this figure with the number of people in shot and should hopefully encourage people to look after themselves and their friends when near the river on a night out. Although my contribution to this campaign was only small, it is important to be involved and show your support. What could you do to support Liv and her campaign next month?

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