CoS | Chair of York Business School

CoS | Chair of York Business School

Published: 27th November 2018, 3:06pm

Hi everyone, in terms of the las month, its been really busy since the last blog.
As mentioned in last month’s blog one of the key aims I have set myself for this year is to try and increase rep involvement and since then the number of reps has steadily risen so that’s a positive but I am still aiming to get a few more to try and achieve a wider spread amongst the business school in order to improve the student experience.
I have had a few talks in trying to possibly set up a breakfast drop in for reps and mentioned to  couple of other chairs of schools to see about maybe a drop in at some point but more planning needs to be done to arrange this.
Last months education zone was also very useful in getting some feedback in which I’ve fed the feedback to the business school.
Speaking with a few reps, one or two have asked if there is a business society which there isn’t currently one however if there is some widespread interest in having a business society, I will help any students who want to set one up
Also as mentioned in last month’s blog, I was looking into getting a notice board in De Grey to put up rep information as well as having a box so that any student can feedback and now I have the noticeboard which is on the first floor of De Grey so look out for stuff to be put on it. Also from what I gather, a box is on order so hope so hopefully that will be sorted within the next few weeks .

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