Academic Rep Elections

Academic Rep Elections


What are Academic Reps?

Academic Reps are students who are elected to represent your voice to your department. They help to raise course, department, or faculty-wide issues and make long-lasting changes to better your academic experience.

Why become an Academic Rep?

Becoming an Academic Rep will not only give you a chance to improve the experience for students at the university but also gain some valuable skills. As an Academic Rep, you will help to improve the academic experience for students in their cohort. By dealing with student queries you become specialists in course-based issues, and by gathering student feedback you help to identify and tackle problems as they arise.

When will they take place?

Monday the 11th of October - Friday the 22nd - Nominations and declarations of interest should take place between

Monday the 25th of October – Friday the 29th of October - All-Academic Reps in various cohorts across the university to be elected and in place, and they will be trained by the Students’ Union in the first week of November.

When Reps are elected, please email their names to Zaki, the Voice, and Insight Coordinator at the Students’ Union at [email protected] who will then liaise with them.


Want to become a Rep?

For more info find your departments email here


There is more information on Academic Reps on our website here

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