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Our Democracy
Student Council
SC-1819-01 Minutes of 08 November 2018
SC-1819-02 Minutes of 14 February 2019
SC-1819-03 Minutes of 28 March 2019
SC-1920-01 Minutes of 19 November 2019
SC-1920-02 Minutes of 12 March 2020
SC-1920-03 Minutes of 30 April 2020
Student Members' Meetings
AGM-1314 - Minutes of the 2013-4 Annual General Meeting
AGM-1415 - Minutes of the 2014-5 Annual General Meeting
AGM-1617 - Agenda
AGM-1617 - Minutes of the 2016-7 Annual General Meeting
AGM-1718 - Agenda
AGM-1718 - Minutes of the 2017-8 Annual General Meeting
AGM-1819 - Agenda
AGM-1819 - Minutes of the 2018-9 Annual General Meeting
AGM-1920 - Agenda
AGM-1920 - Minutes of the 2019-20 Annual General Meeting
Notice of a General Meeting 30 September 2020
YSJSU Articles Amendments Summary
YSJSU Draft Articles of Association (2020)
YSJSU Special Resolution to Approve new Articles of Association (September 2020)
Student Policies
EC01 - Protest the Pallet
EC02 - More Milk
EC03 - Push The Button
EC04 - Silence in the Library
EC05 - Drug Use
EC06 - Equal Opportunities Policy
EC07 - BAME Representation
EC08 - Diversity in the Library
EC09 - Broad Curricula
EC10 Chaplaincy (Minor Religions)
EC11 Timetabling
EC12 Wellbeing Provisions and Services
EC13 Costs of Study
EC14 Weekend Wellbeing
EC15 Residence Security
EC16 Food & Catering Outlets
EC17 Parents & Carers
EC18 Antisemitism (Adoption of IHRA Definition)
EC19 Paperless Campaigning
EC20 Signposting
EC21 Support for Research Students
EC22 Remote Learning
EC23 University Career Guidance
EC24 London Support Services
EC25 Private Accommodation Advice
EC26 London Rep
EC27 Part-time Womens Officer
Archived Documents
Archived Documents