Here at York St John Students’ Union, we want to take a step in the right direction when it comes to our impact on the environment. This page is about what we do to reduce our impact and advice on what YOU can do to reduce yours!



This is the most simple way to make sure you are having as little impact on the environment as possible! All of our waste bins both in the Union and the university are fully recyclable, so any waste thrown into any bin with a clear bag will be taken to recycling. However, the only issue is if there is too much food waste in those bins then the waste is contaminated and can’t be recycled! We are working on having food waste bins in the Students’ Union, and the café now have them! Utilise these bins properly (which is the most simple task ever) and you’re helping making sure we have optimal recycled waste.

Waste in Student’s homes is also a BIG issue, again utilise this bins correctly because it isn’t difficult. 

Unsure on when your bin days are, what you can/can’t recycle then read the City of York Council’s website for more information:

Click here to find out exactly what you can and can’t recycle:


These are usually awkward items to throw away as they are always reusable in some way (unless broken or ripped to pieces!), well here on campus next to the PORTERS LODGE, we have British Heart Foundation bins where you can deposit these items all year round!

Some of you may know that we do a reward system on reusable cups, everytime you bring your own cup to get coffee/tea at any of the suppliers on campus, you save 20p!


An app that alerts you when your bins are due to be put out, a great tool for those who easily forget! 



This is an annual campaign ran by the Students’ Union in May to help you get rid of a few things before you leave York! We will be collecting items ranging from old clothes, pots and pans, cutlery and books.. Anything that you don’t want to take home but another student can benefit from we will accept! It’s also an opportunity for you to pick up items you may need/want replacing and can’t afford/don’t want to buy!

Any leftover items at the end of Freecycle will be donated to charity shops!

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