The Power of Asking the Right Questions | Sponsored by Global Church

The Power of Asking the Right Questions | Sponsored by Global Church

The difference between a great and ok conversation is often defined by one’s ability to ask the right questions. In today’s post though we wanted to throw up some big Qs that you might like to ask yourself throughout this coming months. Because perhaps the most significant relationship of the year might just be about how you see yourself.

Let’s get started! Here are our big four essentials questions for you to reflect on.


1) What sort of person do I want to become?

University is an exciting time of self-discovery, breaking out from old friendship groups and the status quo of how things always were. It’s an opportunity for reinvention and redefinition. When no one knows who you are in a brand new city, it’s a great time to try new things but also explore the boundaries of your confidence and comfort zone. 

Take a snapshot of the person you want to become over these next few months and begin to make decisions to lean into it.

If you want to be more confident then decide to be the person to start conversations. If you want to be more generous then why not set up some all-important habits in the way you organise everything from shared food bills to the rounds in the pub.

Maybe you want to become more disciplined or physically stronger - this is the perfect time to set new goals and reinvent.


2) What do I need help with?

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and that’s ok. You might be a beast in the sporting arena but dreadful at budgeting. Or a musical maestro who can’t cook to save your life. Successful people aren’t great at everything by default but they learn to ask for help and wisdom from others.

Think of friends who seem to have a handle on certain areas and ask them for advice. You’d be surprised by just how much we all love to share our wealth of knowledge. Often it’s not our strengths that trip us up in life but our weaknesses. So learn to spot your need for improvement and get some help.


3) What is the last thing I feel like doing?

Hilariously the last thing we feel like doing often tends to be the thing we most need to do. Procrastination is real but taking action limits its effect. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending an email or a text. Other times it’s paying a bill or asking for an extension to deadline. Or even sorting out the dreaded washing.

Don’t let it build up - decide to face the fear and procrastination head on each day.


4) What makes me feel most alive?

University isn’t just about working hard but it’s about having fun too. And it just so happens that doing the things you love creates all-important mental margin and space for your soul to breathe, causing you to become more effective in the long run.

Creativity and focus flows when we’re rested up. So pick some activities and hobbies that really get you going and lean into fun this year. No one can work forever and science tells us that productivity starts to drop when you lean into overwork.

If knitting is your thing then don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes. Or if hitting the big screen for the latest Marvel is where it’s at then enjoy! Budget in time and finance for much needed rest and recreation. The future you will thank you for it.



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